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A Crime Against Civilization

By Dale Lucht

The other day, someone knocked two chunks of marble off a statue in Rome’s Piazza Navona. He then tried to damage the nearby Trevi Fountain. Europeans agreed that this was a crime against the values of civilization.

I wondered how people would refer to this event in America. I am sure the officials would call the crime Property Damage. Everything has a value placed on it. And in America that value is measured in dollars and cents, not in how a piece of art makes you feel.

Civilization entails a collective of individuals working together for the betterment of all. We can also have individuals working just for themselves. Or you can have a mass of individuals working together for a select few individuals. That, my friend, is an extreme view of Capitalism.

It is all about the greed. It’s not just the Koch brothers or the Waltons who would sell your brother for more money. It’s also us. We’re not satisfied with a $50,000 income, we want $55,000. We also buy Mutual Funds and expect to make more every year. It doesn’t matter that companies close plants in the US and move good paying union jobs overseas. That is more money for us.

As a matter of fact, that is how Mitt Romney made the bulk of his money. He bought companies, stripped them of assets and then sent the jobs overseas. Rick Perry claims he created jobs in Texas. Actually he stole them from other states ie. GM-Janesville, or they were low paying jobs. He also claims he balanced the budget, which wouldn’t have happened without the stimulus money. Michelle Bachman just takes after Minnesota’s State Bird: the loon. At this point we do not have a Bush, Cheney, or Rumsfeld running. These fake patriots who worship at the altar of Mars, but employ intermediaries to fight for them and torture for them.

I’m not a big fan of Obama either. I think that he’s trying to cooperate too much with the opposition. I don’t think he realizes how much the republicans detest him. He is not enough of a fighter. He doesn’t believe enough in what is best for Americans, but what he can get. Democrats need to get the fight back.

Hopefully we keep the passion up in Wisconsin to toss Walker out on his balding head. Make no mistake about it. The Waltons and the Koch brothers will be pouring millions into the state next year. It won‘t be in jobs, but in ads for republicans.

This is an attack that has been thirty years in the making. It used to be against the law for CEO’s to be paid in stock options, CEO’s were expected to do what was right for their company. The company included the stockholders, the workers, management and the communities. The Reagan Administration was able to change the law so that CEO’s could now be compensated with stock options. The result was that CEO’s now made their decisions based on what was best for the price of the stock. Merge with another company, sell off its assets, send jobs overseas; the stock goes up and CEO’s make millions. It is time to make this illegal again.

In America today we have a clear choice. Choose between immature individualism, where everybody thinks that someday they’ll be the rich bully telling everybody what to do. Or behind Door Number 2, we have a mature civilization that values the individual but where we also look out for our neighbors. A civilization that values art and music and knowledge over greed.


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