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By Michael Strelcheck

As the magical year of 2012 approaches I’ve been noticing the growing “buzz” in the social Media about the possible “end of times”. Most of which is focused on the speculation of how the world is going to experience a catastrophic event next year. A lot of these ideas have been spawned by creative interpretations of ancient civilizations and their supposed predictions, which don’t really stand up to scrutiny (meaning the prophecies weren’t really about the end of the earth, but about a time of progressive change from the old ways). Fortunately, if one looks past the “screamingly dire warnings of 2012” we may find that it may be actually a time of new beginnings.

Staying with that idea, a curious thing happened this month. The International scientific community announced that,  through the research done at the four billion dollar Hadron Collider in Europe, there was likely a discovery of earth shaking proportions!  The Collider, which literally smashes atomic particles together and then sees what pieces are left (the approach sounds so wonderfully human!), has terrorized the more conservative minded scientists thinking that these collisions might tear tiny black holes in the “time/space continuum” that is our everyday reality. Four years ago some experts actually speculated that these black holes would eat-up the Earth which provided late-night TV shows fertile material for their opening monologues.  Fortunately, so far so good and physicists haven’t reported any “doomsday” particles being unleashed at the project.

The USA Today reported Dec. 14th that two International physics teams had accumulated enough data to say that they have seen evidence of the “God Particle’s” existence. The so-called God particle (also known as the ‘Higgs boson’) is believed to be a subatomic particle within the atom’s structure that’s intelligent and directs its purpose (as well as its characteristics such as weight and activity) or what could be considered its SOUL. Physicists have sought after this particle for decades and have only been able to hypothetically talk of its existence (up to now). CERN Director Rolf-Dieter Heuer described results as “tantalizing” but not conclusive as of yet.  Further research from the European lab will be reported in March and Heuer expressed confidence that the experiment would conclusively detect the Higgs boson by the end of next year.

The research reflected by these physicists clearly demonstrates a change in the long-held scientific method of exploring only what can be validated by empirical evidence for they are exploring a metaphysical concept (some idea that is beyond the known physical laws).

As I digested this news, with my morning pop-tart, I came to recall an opinion I had read years ago by a Tibetan monk from 1934 who wrote, “The electrification of the planet through the wide spread use of electricity is one of the things inaugurating the New Age, and which will aid in bringing about the revelation of the presence of the soul . . .  This will tend to destroy the platform upon which the materialists stand, and pave the way, for the admission of the soul as a sound hypothesis, and the demonstration of its existence.”

The concept that we, as human beings, have a Divine Soul is not a new idea, but perhaps what’s tantalizing about this news is the possibility that all material things have a “spark” of higher intelligence within them! If this is proven so in 2012 it would be a good thing and it would be safe to then say that all physical life is connected to and indeed guided by a greater intelligence!

Could this discovery lead humanity, once and for all, to answer the burning question as to the reality of Divine Intelligence?

If so, one has to wonder how that would change humanity’s perception of the material world.

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