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Politics 2012

By Dale Lucht

Reaganomics or Supply Side Economics does work, but only for the very rich. Reaganomics has caused nothing but hardship for the rest of us. International bankers see how rich they can become, and now that they are in power they are trying to impose their evil will on the rest of humanity. In Europe the bankers are forcing countries into bankruptcy. Starting with the more socialistic of the countries and working their way down. Bankers want to Privatize, or steal, all common ownership.

If you are old enough, you remember Reagan’s Trickle Down Theory. If you give the tax breaks to the rich, sooner or later the money will trickle down to the peons. Other than water, the only thing that I can think of that trickles down is dandruff.

Are businesses, corporations and wealth more important than human beings? I get tired of the term Job Creators. Corporations are not in business to create jobs; they are in business to make money. If the demand is there for their product and they can make more money by hiring workers they will. But demand creates jobs, not business.

Another thing that irritates me is people who say that we should have a businessman as president. Government is not a business and shouldn’t be thought of as a business. Democratic governments are set up to look out for their citizens. I believe the government’s job is to provide safe food, water, housing, education and health care to its citizens. It’s my responsibility to vote, obey laws, pay taxes, etc. Nowhere in this did I say that the government should not be fiscally responsible. Other than wars, natural disasters, and economic disasters, governments should live within their means.

Corporations are created to make money. Someone who heads a corporation probably wouldn’t understand the difference in outlook. Corporations have a big responsibility to the localities, states and nations where they do business. They are protected by police and fire, their workers are educated by local teachers, and the infrastructure provided has to be paid for. It is a privilege for business to be in existence, so by God they are going to pay or go out of business.

Our Supreme Court has ruled that corporations have the same rights as individuals. This is asinine. There are those in this country who feel that they are elite and they are entitled. We fought a war for that; it was called the Revolutionary War. The bankers, big businessmen, and those that inherited wealth are those that are really getting entitlements. They call the Wall Street occupiers anarchists, but they are the real patriots.

I’m glad to see that President Obama is finally taking the fight to the Republicans. We cannot forget that our economy went south because of them. Deregulation, the Bush Tax Cuts, NAFTA all caused this mess. Now is not the time to give tax cuts, it is time to tax the bejesus out of Corporations and the Super Rich.

Now speaking of the soporific stable of politicians stumbling their way to be the Republican nominee. I’ve already said what I think of businessmen who think they should run a country. Not good. We have a philandering ex-congressman turned history professor or is it really lobbyist? Not good. We have a woman congressman who should be on the cover of Fruit Loops. There is another ex-congressman who believes he should make all decisions concerning  women bodies. Again, not good. There is a Libertarian in the mix. I believe he is sincere in his belief, I just don’t believe humanity is mature enough to regulate itself. That leaves John Huntsman, I believe that he is the only candidate that could pick up the independent vote. My prediction is that Barack Obama will get elected to second term. And because the republicans are becoming so out of touch with the majority of Americans they will become a footnote in history. Let me speed them on their way. *

* The Republican Party, a now defunct political party that lost touch with society changed its logo from the elephant to the ostrich. Incarcerated members include a couple of former Supreme Court members for treason to humanity, a former Vice President for war crimes. Too many former Congressmen and Senators to mention, for influence peddling. The corruption has gotten so widespread that they now ask “Have you now, or have you ever been a member of the Republican Party?” when you take an oath.

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