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Politics: The Ultimate Predator

By Doris Deits

The time has come to end politics as we know it. The people of this nation have outgrown its current political structure’s usefulness. Our country is ready for something better than the out-dated, force-fed, and endlessly popular “trickle-down economics.” Trickle down is a joke. Crumbs aren’t enough. What we need is a flood down economics policy to get out of this mess!

Americans are being sold a bill of goods of economic misrepresentation that gives the wealthy a free pass to do whatever they want. Hoarding all the wealth and resources appears to be what they want to do! This is grossly unfair and we need to bring a whole lot of balance to the situation.

I say it’s time to move our thinking beyond what is basically a 2-party system of Republican vs Democrat, US vs THEM, GOOD vs EVIL, and end the circus of hypocrisy, unethical behavior and the lack of humanity that our political system has become. In my opinion, the political system we have in place is nothing more than a self serving, complex system of diversion tactics used to confuse and manipulate people, make them feel powerless and keep them in an emotional state of fear. We can do better than this. We are better than this.

But let’s face facts. When it comes to the political system most of us let others run the show because we’re basically lazy. With all the soccer games, TV and beer, who has time for all that voting and politics crap? We would rather have someone else figure it out for us. Hopefully we make out okay and we get used to looking the other way when we see homeless people.

Unfortunately, when the ‘deregulation’ fox got in the henhouse, it took ALL the chickens and now we play victim and cry ‘fowl play‘. We were lied to, we were taken advantage of and we are continuing to be misled by our ‘leaders’. Not paying attention and letting ourselves believe that our government would look out for everyone’s best interest was our ‘bad’ and now it’s time to take our rightful place as a responsible co-creator with our fellow Americans and build a better community for all its citizens.

On the upside of all this crazy is an undeniable realization that something amazing happens when people realize they have little or nothing left to lose. We suddenly find our courage, our power, our passion, and our voice. We, the people, started standing up and demanding change not only in this country but all over the world. Things that are worth having are worth fighting for, and now is the time to decide what it is that YOU will fight for.

I believe that it’s worth the fight to demand that governments do better. I believe the answers to our country’s worst problems are right in front of us if we stop listening to the 1% who are addicted to their own greed. We must stop thinking that government or the wealthy are smarter than us, or know more than we do, or that they have better ideas. Clearly, they can’t find their own asses with both hands. It is our voices that must guide them; we need to tell them what to do. Government works for US, and it is time we told them what we want.

So make your wish list and check it twice ‘cuz it’s time to open a can of whoop ass and make positive changes! We live on a planet of wonder and abundance, not lack and suffering! Kindness, caring, generosity, love of community, sharing, equality, balance, sincerity and truth are qualities worth fighting for. Abundance for everyone is worth fighting for. The extremes of poverty and supreme wealth serve no useful purpose. The time for sharing and equalizing is here and it’s worth fighting for.

My 2012 wish for humanity is that each of us finds something in our heart that’s worth fighting for and be passionate to see its fruition. My vision is that we all have enough to live well and time to be happy. Middle class for everyone! Happy New Year!



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