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The End of End of Time Predictions?

By Joel Matthews

I have listed below 22 predictions (some entries contain multiple dates from the same source) of the end of the world, dating back to the 2nd century A.D. A quick internet search brought me over 50 hits. That means this practice has been going on for over 2000 years. To date all have been wrong, at least as far as my world is concerned. Don’t worry, I am not going to dive in to the theory of multiple universes. I have enough to do navigating the one I am in.

All major faiths, religions and belief systems I know of are in agreement on this topic. It is not known, is unknowable and their followers shouldn’t spend their time worrying about it. They are to spend their time achieving the tenants of their faith. Do that and the end of time is irrelevant. How could the end of the world be irrelevant? If you follow your beliefs as they are presented you will be fully prepared for whatever comes your way, including the end. So why worry? Since all the major religions and philosophies teach that this is something that we cannot know, every time someone says they know, I am sure that they are wrong. I actually feel pretty safe around any day that someone has cited as the end of time.

So 2012 being the latest and possibly the greatest (flop) that will be added onto this list ( I reserve the right to say I told you so) and the fact that the prediction isn’t until the year is almost over, I think (I predict) it is going to be a good year, at least for me. Since my life this year is the only life I have to live. I will continue to grow spiritually and mentally, striving toward better health and well being, sharing my love for life with all who want to share it with me. I will help those that I am able to, spreading good will to all that will accept it. Yes. 2012 is going to be a very good year for me. How about you?

End of Time Predictions/Events:

1.   Harold Camping Thinks the World Ends Oct 21 (Just Like He Did on May 21 and in 1994)

2.   Large Hadron Collider Potentially Creates a Black Hole Large Enough to Swallow the Earth (2008)

3.   Richard Noone Predicts Ice Age To Start 5/5/2000

4.   Y2K Bug Threatens To Plunge World Into Chaos.

5.   Taiwanese Cult Leader Says God Will Arrive in Spaceship (1998)

6.   1996 end predicted by Biblical Scholars using scripturally derived numbers

7.   Rockin’ Rollen Stewart wreaks havoc before The Rapture in 1992

8.   Televangelist Pat Robertson Says God Told Him World Would End in 1982

9.   The end March 10, 1982: The Jupiter Effect published in 1974

10. 1980s  Jeane Dixon predicts the end from a comet

11. Marshall Applewhite Leads 39 to Mass Suicide in 1997

12. 1975 Jehovah’s Witnesses (1914 also)

13. Students of the Great Pyramid (1953, 1936, 1881)

14. 1947 In 1889, “America’s Greatest Prophet,” John Ballou Newbrough

15. The Great Disappointment of William Miller (1843 and 1844)

16. 1704 Cardinal Nicholas de Cusa

17. 1665 Quaker Solomon Eccles

18. 1648 Rabbi Sabbati Zevi

19. October 3, 1533 Mathematician and Bible student Michael Stifel

20. 1260 Joaquim of Flore

21. September 1186 John of Toledo

22. Early Heretic Montanus founds End of the World Cult (2nd Century)



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