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We Shape Our Society©

By Ian M. Brown

I am from everything I have been exposed to.

I am from an unexpected birth,

one month too early.

I am from a truly loving mother and father,

forming a strong bond.

I am from those countless decadent holiday dinners and breakfasts spent with

cheerful family members,

the aroma of Andes candy and

other treats being prepared.

I am from the crinkling of crisp gifts being opened and the iridescent faces

of my cousins soon after,

happiness enveloping the room.

I am from the feeling of endurance as I accelerate in a race, and the bursting heat

inside me as I cross the finish line.

I am from the overwhelming sensation

of accomplishment and

love of running holding me tightly.

I am from those never-ending nights,

spent with my deepest of friends,

thick with the fog of laughter and pure,

priceless content.

I am from everything that I have been exposed to, for they have shaped me,

and I have shaped them.

My friends with their crude humor,

my always smiling neighbor,

and many more things too.

This society we live in, it did not shape itself.

Where everyone is from shapes it,

and where I am from is no exception.

I am from this Society, the society that

shaped me, as I have taken part

In shaping it.

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