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Pyramid Scheme

By Dale Lucht

“Thrive” is the name of a movie directed by Foster Gamble, a scion of the Proctor and Gamble family. In this movie Gamble explains how money is made, how money is used to enslave people and how money is used to topple governments. In the movie, Gamble uses a pyramid to explain the world. On the bottom tier is society, all of us, the mass of humanity. The second tier is the government and Armed Forces. They are above the masses so they can control any unrest. Above the governments are the corporations. On top of the corporations are the banks. We’re not done yet.

Above the banks are the World Banks. And finally at the top of the pyramid are the few families controlling it all. These families include the Rockefellers, Morgans, and Rothchilds. This movie is available for rental at Earthsong Book and Gifts.

You may remember that we fought a war in the 1700’s. The basic tenet of democracy is that the populace is at the top of the pyramid. Governments are created to serve the populace and the Armed Forces are supposed to protect the population. Banks and Corporations are privileged to operate in our country and part of that privilege is honesty and the payment of taxes.

Why didn’t this take hold and flourish? From the very beginning we had citizens that thought they were better and deserved more because they were blessed. The Judiciary Act of 1789 said that the Supreme Court did not have any power to enforce a ruling. In the case of Marbury vs. Madison,1803, the Supreme Court declared the Judiciary Act unconstitutional, the court gave itself “judicial review“, which was basically “the right to declare laws unconstitutional“. So it’s been a gradual erosion of our rights since the beginning. Now we have activist corporate justices on our Supreme Court. In “Citizens United” they have ruled that corporations are people. Why have they done this? Why have they toughened voter registration? Why are they trying to eliminate unions? The answer is that the elitists want even more control. Why are they attacking public education? A populace that is stupid is easily controlled.

The answer is to vote. Learn the issues, decide where the candidates stand on those issues, and vote accordingly. If the candidates don’t agree with you, search for someone who does. If you can’t find anyone, run yourself.

This year we really have a clear choice. For many years we had to choose the lesser of two evils. Do you we really want all the states controlled by Governor Walkers? How does a theocracy run by Rick Santorum differ from an Iranian theocracy? We must vote in every election. Every election counts. We must again put society at the top of the pyramid.

Unthinking respect for authority is the worst enemy of truth. — Albert Einstein


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