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Signed Respectfully Yours

By Janet Zimborski

Are you aware of the effect you have on others? Yes indeed, we all have an effect on others. We are energetic beings and everything we say, do, or think, effects others, even more than one can imagine. Many of us individuals will get up each and every morning only to feel we are jumping right back onto our well-traveled paths or may I say “ruts”. As a result we will experience the same experiences day in and day out. At some point in our lives we may get a “wake up call”, but will we heed that call? Will we finally discover we are the creators of our own lives?

As I come to understand more and more about the rightful use of our energy, my concepts and ideas expand to encompass more of what is needed for our success as humans. Over my lifetime I have adopted different attitudes that seem to sum up all that I have learned and experienced at key times in my life. I became a holistic nutritionist and health counselor when I felt “you are what you eat”. Foods do have an impact on one’s ability to live their best life. However, as a result of working 20 years in that capacity, I then gravitated to sayings like “Take responsibility for your life”, when I realized emotions played a big part in one’s health. Then I found “Invest in yourself” to be important in shattering my dysfunctional ideas surrounding my thoughts of helping others before self. Or my latest saying “Be true to thyself”. The last one, “Be true to thyself” came about when I realized that the only one I needed to be loyal to was myself. It is when I am true to myself that I am truly serving others. Loyalty to self finally gave me some personal and financial freedom as I discovered both healthier relationships and businesses with integrity.

Each time I expanded my view of life, I went to the dictionary and looked up definitions of words I had known for a lifetime. Words that I used but never gave much thought or credence to, as to the energy they carried. Then I realized that our intentions and how we use words, structures the outcome of our experiences. When summarizing my many years of experience in the field of consciousness/energy, the one word that deserves daily attention from all seeking peace, harmony, and abundance is RESPECT.

We as spirits/souls are birthed into our own little bubble of biology (body), to learn more about ourselves in relation to a physical body and a physical world. We will continue to misuse our energy if we cannot understand the concept of respect. Oddly, if you look the word respect up in the dictionary you will see the meaning as: A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. We will not evolve successfully into a higher evolved human until we recognize and respect our relationship to our Selves! It is not until we can respect our self that we will begin to know how to respect and cherish another. Lack of respect is causing much disharmony. Respect is the ability to admire our own uniqueness, in whatever package we are present in (inherent body), and develop our interests to the best of our ability. As we are able to respect who and what we are, we will see the living One in all we meet. We are all equal, individual, and free to express to the best of our ability. When we understand the energy in the word respect and apply it towards ourselves and others, we will find the ability to be the author of a peaceful, joy-filled, harmonious life.
Respectfully yours, Janet Zimborski

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