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The secret of The Secret

By Frank Conerton

From a traditional view of reality, manifestation, as described in The Secret and other “think your desires into reality” schools, is magical or religious thinking. To produce results, some separate, benevolent deity will wave her magic wand and grant your wish. Traditionally, there is no logical support for believing that you can influence reality in any way except through your actions. The time may be coming where a different, non-traditional world view will be accepted. This new world view will support philosophies such as Science of the Mind and demonstrate that these philosophies utilize real laws of the Universe. What might this new view of reality include?

One component of an alternative world view will be the Unity of all things. Instead of believing that the manifest universe is some inert husk of “dead” matter, we can see everything that exists as the manifest body of God.

There are esoteric beliefs in many traditions, Jewish, Christian, Islam, and Taoist Buddhism which can be understood that God is all that exists; that there is only one being. Everything and anything that exists is part of this being. A result of this idea is that everything that exists is connected at a very fundamental level, part of one whole.

Another component of this alternative world view is that the universe was created. Before creation, nothing existed. Then, with an intention of the creator, the universe sprang into being. It does not matter if you accept the Big Bang theory of billions of years ago, or prefer creation set at a few thousand years ago as accepted by some religious thought. The point is that everything that exists came about through intention. From this point of view, everything, by it’s nature, responds to intention. To reiterate, everything exists because of the intention of God, therefore everything must respond to intention. Given that we, along with everything else, are the manifestation of God, then everything must also respond to our human intention.

These components make up a world view that was accepted by Ernest Holmes, Dr. Frederick Bailes and other New Thought teachers. They understood that these ideas represented laws which we use every moment. We use these laws to create the personal world that we inhabit right now. These laws explain how life works.

Everything responds to our intention.

Here is the secret behind The Secret. This is not some trick that we can spring on the universe to bend the rules and get whatever we want. These laws explain how we created the world that we already have. If we want to have abundance in our life, it means that we have already manifested lack into our life; otherwise we would not desire abundance. It seems obvious that you cannot manifest abundance by spending one half hour picturing abundance and chanting “I am abundant” and then, for the remaining twenty three and a half hours in the day, continue your manifestation of lack. The critical change is inside our self. We must discover the current intention, belief, thought or understanding which we hold that manifests our existing world so that we can change our intention in order to manifest the world that we desire.

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