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Your Opinion Is Important!

By Michael Strelcheck

Have you noticed lately, as if life, just for a moment, seems to look different in some way, kind of like you’ve suddenly stepped into the House of Mirrors at the carnival? Things you knew yesterday appear . . . for a brief moment . . . slightly changed . . . perhaps a little distorted. Shaking your head, as if trying to knock out the cobwebs, you look again, but the differences you’ve noticed remain. You wonder, “Is what I’m seeing really possible? Has something changed since yesterday or haven’t I noticed this before?” Perhaps it’s not the outer world that has changed – but our awareness of it!

These “strange” moments (spontaneously happening to everyone) reflect the recent growth of human consciousness and its increasing ability to see deeper meanings in situations that heretofore have gone unnoticed. By that I mean it’s increasingly easier to tell when someone is talking sense or spewing nonsense, and why!

At first, when we recognize that something is different, it can be a little disturbing (like something’s wrong). But fascinatingly, a lot of people today are unexpectedly experiencing “new perceptions” – whether it’s due to the increased stress of everyday living or the dreaded climate change – it’s clear that some things are beginning to look different to us all.

This rising awareness has come just in time. For not only is the reach of the media increasing, but the real-time public access to news and events around the world is exponentially increasing as well. Fortunately, public consciousness is becoming ever more discerning in its grasp of what the media presents to it and no longer watches thoughtlessly agape (except, of course, during TV’s American Idol).

It seems that these “new perceptions” are inspiring individuals to express what they’re feeling, and this may be the reason for the recent Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements, as well as our own Wisconsin Recall process. Those who are involved with these efforts are clearly seeing something that’s upsetting and are responding to those feelings – sometimes with anger and outrage, for their new insights have awakened them to possible injustices. Remarkably, the passionate feelings that these movements have felt have not lead individuals to act in destructive or negative ways! I, for one, am greatly encouraged.

The problem with experiencing anything new is getting comfortable with it! In the past humans tended to act out, without thinking, when they felt a sense of betrayal. But today, things are clearly different. Could it be that human consciousness is growing up? Could the collective will of the populace have come to realize that violent revolt doesn’t create constructive results? If we look at the Middle Eastern revolts in Egypt, Libya and Syria for example, we see a populace that is willing to standup and die for constructive change in their lands rather than to simply get even.

With “new perceptions” comes an increased responsibility to share our insights as well as how we say them. Speaking out, voicing an opinion, is a potent form of action, and one which is becoming more available as electronic forms of communication, like Twitter and Facebook, increase and diversify. Fortunately, the recent growth in human awareness has also helped to expand an individuals sense of self-worth, of the unique contribution he or she can bring to any public discussion of important issues. Obviously though, there’s a danger that the growth in the number, force and distinctiveness of voices may become a confusing roar that could blur common sense.  In light of this possibility, perhaps the best way we can approach any discussion is with a sense of goodwill and to be motivated by the “common good” – sharing our perspective as well as allowing differing opinions not only to be noted by us, but to be fully heard. In this way “collective solutions” to the problems facing us can emerge.

You’re thoughts are important! Please talk with others about how you see the future and the pathway you feel is needed to get there!

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