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Labyrinth Art

By Dianne Witte

There is a new work of art on the grounds of Earthsong. A labyrinth manifested and created by a unified and cooperative effort. It is beautiful and full of meaning. The meaning has to be interpreted by each who walks the circuit.

So what is so great about a labyrinth? To me, it’s the pattern. The single path, though meandering, is indicative of the path our lives take. We don’t know where we are going and often believe that we have arrived, when we haven’t. When we finally realize our purpose (at the labyrinth’s center) we come out with assurance and confidence that we are on course and can’t go wrong, because there is only one path.

A labyrinth offers the opportunity to take a meditative break and ponder on life. Walking the labyrinth offers our bodies an opportunity to experience an archetypical pattern that may be imprinted in our genetic code. We may not understand it mentally, but there is a rhythm and a direction that our body recognizes at a cellular level.

I have been mysteriously attracted to labyrinths for years. We even have a 50 foot labyrinth in our backyard. While I appreciate the pattern, I didn’t really understand the attraction until I studied with Michael Strelcheck. I realized that I had failed an initiation in a labyrinth and had carried that memory with me into this lifetime. I’ve felt a failure as a Spiritual student, never quite measuring up, afraid of not being good enough.

When I realized this feeling came from a past life, it was such a relief to me. It opened my consciousness to new understanding and perspective on the fear of failure. Now when these feelings come over me, I can accept this emotion as my creation, a result of past fears and now I can retire it. What a relief. What a joy. What a release. What freedom.

Maybe you’ll discover something about yourself in the labyrinth. Walk the path – it’s always open. You are welcome to participate in this work of art, your life.


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