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“Love Is A Force”

By Michael Strelcheck

“At the center of all love I stand and naught can touch me here and from that center I shall go forth to love and serve.”

This thought, garnered from the old commentary of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, is in itself inspiring. But, in today’s climate can such a lofty behavior be of practical value?

As we rapidly approach the “official” beginning of the New Age we find a series of planetary alignments that ceremoniously close-out the Piscean Age. The first of these alignments occurred on May 20th’s solar eclipse. The nearly total eclipse symbolically emphasizes the fact that in life, while producing a debilitating darkness at times, the stage is set that allows for a sudden moment of “enlightenment” to dawn.

This alignment organized heavenly bodies so that a stream of energy originating from beyond our solar system can find its way to our planet. This stream, longed and prayed for, is believed to carry with it a force that will help transform the world. Amazingly, the force that’s prophesied to descend from the heavens and grip all the beings on our planet isn’t an expression of “righteousness” but the power of Love!

I think a lot of people would be disappointed upon hearing this for when they think of love they think of a weak or sympathetic expression rather than a force that compels.

The Tibetan Master Khul shared, “Let love be the keynote in all relationships, for the power which must salvage the world is the precipitation of love”.

Surprisingly, the Traditional Wisdom Teachings point out that love is neither a sentiment nor an emotion, nor is it desire or a selfish motive for the right action in a person’s daily life. But that Love is the wielding of the force which guides the worlds and which leads to unity and which impels Spirit itself to action. How many of us have ever considered the possibility that love is a more compelling force than a commanding ideal?

The Teachings declare that love was the compelling motive for manifestation and love it is that keeps all in ordered sequence; love holds everything on the path of return (to our Father’s home) and it is the force of love that eventually perfects all that is.

A greater Love is a hard thing to cultivate – such is the instinctive self-centeredness of the human nature. Its expression requires a person to expand their caring to things that are not personally important to them. This willingness is what true compassion is based upon because when someone takes the time to care about another they donate their personal time and attention. By that I mean, when someone takes the time to care about something unimportant to them they must put their personal desires on hold. This act is seen, by the human ego, as a form of self-sacrifice, but in reality, when one suspends their effort towards their personal agenda there’s no sense of sacrifice (pain or suffering) despite what the ego wants to believe.

This makes love a difficult thing to apply to all conditions of life and its expression demands the utmost a caring person has to give and the abandoning of a person’s self-oriented perspective.

Importantly, today the force of love is primarily concentrated in those who are of a spiritual nature for it is in the ideal of universal love (or unconditional love) that the force of loving finds its greatest expression. Such individuals intuitively work for the betterment and uplift of the human kingdom without judgment and it’s through them that the potency of love finds its way into the world.

Such individuals are frequently misunderstood; for the love which they express differs widely from the sentimental, affectionate, personal interest of the average individual. They are occupied mainly with the interests and the good of the whole group they associate with (and often the entire planet); they are not primarily concerned with the smallish self-interests of the human ego – with their thinking being continually trapped by personal problems and concerns.

Spiritual minded people subjectively sense the need for a broader group love and work to change their ways in order to support a collective good, but it’s not easy for the self-interested person to grasp the difference. Hence, this attitude often brings a spiritually minded person under the criticism of those who are still living as isolated individuals and with this criticism they must learn to live and pay no attention to their comments. To the person who wields the force of love “group love” is of more importance than personal relations, though those are met as needed.

As the New Age dawns and evolution proceeds, a gradual expansion of the love faculty will expand across the consciousness of humanity. This evolution shows itself by the passing through of the stages of love of mate, love of family, love of surrounding associates, to love of one’s entire environment; wherein patriotism gives place to a love of humanity.

The evolution of love’s expression cannot be delayed or even stopped for the force of love is being unleashed on the Planet itself at this time, which in turn will cause the instinctive nature in all beings to adapt. Hence, rather than try to love, or force another to love, one simply needs to look to their own heart and let the greater love sprouting there shine out. Let yourself care! For in doing that the force of love is shared and its expression stimulates the world!


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