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Master Life, Choose Love

By Janet Zimborski

It is important to bring awareness to every waking moment, because you make several choices each and every moment that affect your life. Is it difficult to do this? Absolutely. Does it make a difference in your life? Again the answer is a resounding yes. Like anything it takes practice, practice and more practice, but you will find every choice matters.

Every choice matters, because every choice produces what you physically, mentally, and spiritually experience. You are the author of your own life. The moment you know and believe this statement for yourself is the moment you can begin to remodel and restructure your physical, mental, and spiritual life, just like the artist picking up a paint brush to begin their creating their masterpiece, or the chef compiling ingredients at the start of their masterpiece.

Instead of the traditional way of creating, whereby you react to what others are doing or saying based on your old habits and patterns you have “picked up”, you will want to be aware of all that is happening in and around you. You are the creator of your experience so pay attention. By paying attention and making conscious choices you become the creator of the new. It takes time, patience and determination because at first you will inadvertently let your mind wander. At that point you are back to making choices from automatic pilot or subconscious creating which is the part of you that reacts out of old outdated patterns or “ruts“. That is until you are consciously aware and respond out of a new way of thinking. This in turn has the power to create all things new.

The question is how to make powerful, life-sustaining choices that lead to joy, harmony and peace in a world full of upheavals and chaos. First know that when you pay attention and choose life from this state of awareness you are choosing to live the highest and greatest life that is possible. Meaning your choices will impact your life and send out ripples of the highest energy to all of life. The power of your choices will empower others to stop and take notice of their own. Keep in mind that life is a journey and you will not always be successful but you turn right around and begin again. Mistakes help you grow. Mistakes help you remain empathetic towards others who make mistakes, because we do.

As far as how to make the best choices, the guideline is simple. Choose love. Sounds easy, but because we are so used to love being defined in romantic terms, we have lost sight of true, unconditional love. Oh and the other “catch” or “tricky” part to choosing love is that our subconscious mind will quickly and abruptly speak up out of habit and make choices out of fear. So as the author and creator of our life, we must be able to S-L-O-W everything down and pay attention. Before you begin it is helpful to make your life as slow and simple as you can. This will give you more opportunity for success. When our emotions are triggered we can make mistakes, and like I said ………we will.

Every moment will give you an opportunity to choose to do, or say, or act, or feel, or think. How will you respond? Out of fear or out of love? Love is patient, kind, truthful, encouraging and never boastful. Each moment will allow you to pick a response. First, remember yourself. How will you respond in a way that shows you are loved and cared for first? Just like on the airplane, you need to take care of your “air supply” or needs first or nothing else matters. If you ignore your own needs, you cannot respond appropriately to someone else’s. Then you can take their needs into account. This will enable you to respond out of kindness and respect no matter what is going on around you.

This sounds easy and I hope it is. However, be aware of the old patterns that sneak in. We were all trained early in life to react in certain ways and maybe it was for our survival. Whatever we feared back then we had no control over. We were at the mercy of our caretakers. That is just how it was, but we are not that child now. We have the power to change. We have the power to grow and that is our legacy for future generations.

Don’t be afraid of creating something different for yourself. There will always be those people in your life who will not like the changes you are making. People just like to react out of ignorance and fear. Be strong and do what is best for you. I myself have made some unpopular choices that have led to unpopular changes. Once you are in a relationship or have children your changes affect them. From my perspective, there are many parents letting their adult children take advantage of their time or finances, which I find is not helpful to anyone. I have to admit it is hard to set boundaries, but loving yourself first means taking care of your needs first. Show them how to take care of themselves by setting the example. Loving others doesn’t mean doing things for them that they can do for themselves.

You will find by asking yourself, “What is the most loving response in this moment for self and others?” You will experience more freedom, more health and more joy. What more could you offer or get from life?


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