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A Woman’s Battle Cry

By Doris Deits

During the last 2000 years or so, the planet moved through a predominately masculine energy and with it came a natural tendency to squash out or trample anything that expressed a lot of feminine energy… like women. Times have changed and the planet has now passed into predominately feminine energy which is kind of like the opposite of masculine energy. Like oil and vinegar, it takes some time and effort for these energies to co-mingle and get along with each other.

Masculine energy does not want to yield (not even an inch) to feminine energy, even though its overabundance has created too much destructiveness in the world today. This doesn’t mean that ‘men’ don’t want to see or create positive change in the world, but those in power don’t believe it can be done with feminine energy because they’ve never done it that way before. Sharing and cooperation are considered feminine qualities and are not a natural function of the masculine frequencies.

This natural tendency to repress the divine feminine energy is easy to see in how humanity has made a concerted effort to repress women (carriers of feminine energy) over the last 2000 years. History shows that around 300-400 AD there was a distinct movement to erase all positive female references from religious texts and any books or teachings by the honored and respected religious women of the time were omitted and discarded. Mary Magdalene, for example, was one of the most learned, devout, trusted Disciples of Christ, and the only thing I learned about her in my Sunday school class was that she was a prostitute.

I’ve always wondered why, in our ‘modern’ society we, as a group, have not demanded the ridiculous statement that women are ‘evil’ in the Bible be taken out. It’s almost as if there exists a written directive from God that gives men the thumbs up to victimize and demonize women. Women aren’t human or equal to men, they’re evil. This concept sure was handy when it came time to burn and murder ‘witches.’ Yes, the war on women began a long time ago and is still here.

Clearly this war on women is on the plates of today’s politicians in a big way. We saw a blow to women’s financial security when Gov. Walker repealed the state’s 2009 Equal Pay Enforcement Act – right after collective bargaining went away. Is that a coincidence? I don’t think so. And why, with all that is going on in our state and the country, is there so much focus and attention on the reproductive rights of women: the attempt to require women seeking abortion to undergo an invasive probe procedure, the cutting of sex education in schools, cutting insurance coverage for birth control (but Viagra is covered!) and attacks on funding for Planned Parenthood organizations. The list goes on.

Does a government have the right to wave a flag of ethics, morality or religious righteousness to gain control over another person’s body? I don’t think so. Reproductive rights and choices belong to individuals, not to groups proclaiming themselves to be the kings of morality or ethical values, or religious organizations or governments. Women have an absolute right to have absolute control over what does or does not happen to their body. Every human being on this planet has this right and women are no exception.

All women are being challenged by the old masculine dominant energies that are still flowing strongly through our governments, our politicians and many of our religious organizations. A woman’s body personifies the divine feminine energy by its ability to create and birth life – this is what the control issues are over from an energetic perspective. This is why we are seeing an attack on the individual rights of women. It is a reaction to the incoming feminine energy on our solar system, metaphysically speaking.

The positive that I see with the entire negative ‘over-reaching’ is that a lot of women are getting royally pissed off! Women everywhere are starting to speak out against the aggression. Women are banding together and uniting to make their voices heard. It’s important to realize that ‘men’ don’t carry enough of the feminine energy to bring the needed balance. Women must be the ones who unite and bring balance back to the system because they physically carry the needed energy. It is the responsibility of women to bring balance. It is the women who must discipline the excessive masculine energy with their divine feminine energy.

Women must demand respect and require it from our societies. It has been lacking for far too long. No longer can women sit back and be polite or try not to rock the boat. The boat must be rocked or it will tip over. The women of the world will bring progressive change by supporting each other, by adding their qualities to the system, by projecting themselves in a positive light and by constantly challenging the old repressive ideologies that want to deny the value of the feminine form. Feminine qualities of caring, nurturing, sharing, cooperation, listening, patience, beauty, equality, acceptance, etc., are necessary because the world is a better place with these things in it.

So this is my voice, my battle cry, joining all women as we rise up together and demand our rightful and respected place in the system. Not because men are bad or evil. We rise up to take our place because it makes the world better.

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