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The Real Difference

By Joel Matthews

In a few weeks we are asked, as citizens of the United States of America, to make a choice for President of the United States of America. I purposely spell out the entire title to emphasize the importance of our choice – to choose the most singular representative of this country, our society, of who we are to the rest of the world, of who we are and what we want to accomplish and become – the leader of the free world. No pressure, but each individual’s choice will say as much about them as a person as the result says about us as a whole. Of course you can remember yourself as not caring enough to make any choice at all and that would be your choice, not to care.

Many, many people have already declared their choice based on a variety of personal ideological, philosophical, political, financial, religious, moral, ethical, commercial, business or fiscal reasons or fears. But what is the real difference between Barack Hussein Obama and Willard Mitt Romney? Aren’t they both just politicians saying what they think they need to say to get elected? Can we believe anything that is publicized about either of them by either side during an election campaign where both sides will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to spin the “facts” to fit their own ends? Can we trust the platforms of the political parties they represent? Ask their friends, colleagues or relatives? Dutifully listen to the T.V., radio and newspaper ads. Troll the internet for that “secret conspiracy” story that isn’t being allowed out to the public? Even though, it is published on the internet.

You are welcome to any of these pathways if you trust them, but I have chosen a different, more obscure, albeit simple way to tell the difference. I have chosen to look at their life choices before they hit the public eye, their choices when those choices were true to their hearts, before they became “jaded” by the world spotlight.

As for those of you who went to and graduated from a college or university, that is when a young adult is full of enthusiasm about what they believe in and how they want to make their mark on the world. Since both of these men graduated at or near the top of their class from Harvard Law school I have chosen to compare their choices at the point in their lives right after graduation.

Willard Mitt Romney graduated in 1975 cum laude from Harvard law school, in the top third of that class and was named a Baker Scholar for graduating in the top five percent of his business school class. He entered the management consulting industry, which in 1977, led to a position at Bain & Company. Later serving as CEO, he helped bring the company out of financial crisis. Willard Mitt Romney was immediately successful making money by investing money. Willard Mitt Romney was passionate about making money.

Barack Hussein Obama graduated in 1991 with a J.D. magna cum laude from Harvard. He returned to Chicago, IL and worked as a community organizer, a civil rights attorney and a teacher. Barack Hussein Obama began helping people, defending people and teaching people. Barack Hussein Obama passionately cared about people.

Has either of these men changed over the years? Willard Mitt Romney is reported to be worth over $360 million. Barack Hussein Obama has recently had his “signature” legislation upheld by the Supreme Court that will positively and directly affect the lives of over 40 million Americans. It appears that they both continue to pursue their passions. It should also be noted that each of these men had ample opportunity to choose their pursuits at that point and could have easily chosen one similar to the other.  Barack Obama, upon graduating at the top of his class, had many lucrative offers that would have paid him many times more than even what he makes now as President. Mitt Romney could have also chosen to use his legal and business talents through his Mormon faith in their many charitable arms.

Do you want to remember yourself as having voted for a president who cared most about making money or a president who cared most about helping people? Do you want a President that cares more about money and material things or a President who cares more about people? The next time you hear someone use the word Obamacare like some evil epithet, simply smile and say “No that’s two words – Obama cares”.

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