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Viewpoint Taken

By Janet Zimborski

Humility, grace, forgiveness, gratitude, respect, tenacity, faith, confidence and most of all humor are qualities that will be cultivated and strengthened WITHIN as one strives for unity, peace, compassion and non-judgment of self. As one integrates these qualities within and feels unified and peaceful with one’s inner intent and motives they will have the natural ability to encompass all others in their aura of peace, compassion and non-judgment. One cannot look outside themselves and try to heal anyone else. The effect will be the loss or damage of one’s relationships. Looking for and finding faults in other individuals tends to have the effect of pushing them away from you and you remain internally and eternally hurt and fractured as a spirit and soul. It is not until one reverses this polarity and instead sees themself in others and changes accordingly that they become whole and at peace. One could view others as though they are our teachers. Teachers pretending to play a role so that you can learn to adjust your response to show your honor and respect to both self and others.

However, be forewarned you will become healthy, whole and balanced. It can be a scary feeling for those who have told themselves lies about how they are sick, unloved, stupid, obese, poor and/or numerous other lies. Also, be warned that you will set off a domino effect as you heal. That, too, will affect others. They will almost automatically begin to heal themselves in light of your efforts to see yourself clearly. Of course they too will inspire others whose lives they touch until we no longer need outside rulers of any sort. This is not wishful thinking; this is dynamic thinking. This is the power inherent within each and every one of us if we desire it. Where there is a WILL there is a way.

The clue to your success is in YOUR viewpoint. I used to think that everyone could read my mind and know what I meant or what I wanted. After the last several years of almost constant monitoring of my thoughts, emotions, attitude, experiences (awareness of the causes that resulted in the effects in my life), I see no two people who view life the same. We are truly multidimensional beings experiencing life in our own way and with our own lessons. Each individual looks out at life according to what they have concluded from their own original experiences and this is the story they continue to repeat until they are inspired to change the way they view their life or they eventually pass from this world without having exercised their WILL to evolve past what they felt was their lot in life.

This process of being aware of the inner qualities, attitudes, mindset, intentions, feelings and emotions is a process one can consider to be a prerequisite to living in freedom and unity with all others. At the least you will see that you have choices and those choices are the basis of what you will be showing or reflecting to the world. You choose how you want to be treated and what you expect from others. Those who refuse to define themselves by making empowered choices will continue to go through life crying victim. No matter what happens you have the power to steer your life. Picture yourself taking hold of the steering wheel each time you have to make a choice or act. This is how you can begin to define who you are on the inside. This is declaring who you are on the inside. I think as a society we have spent more time and money on the outsides of our bodies than the insides. We are finally waking up to the fact that it doesn’t matter who we are on the outside, it is what’s inside the wrappings that matters.

Visualize this process as every bit as possible as seeding your own garden. You take responsibility for what ideas you want to send forth for yourself. How do you want to create your life? Visually watch this garden of your soul grow. Daily, pick the weeds (thoughts that compromise your life). Shine a bright light on what you desire (study what is growing and getting bigger – is it feeding your soul or your ego). Water the intentions you desire (flexible and balanced feelings that nurture the growth of your desired intentions without limiting yourself to a narrow viewpoint). Allow your viewpoints to expand, change or pass on. To become fixed to one ideal or one position is a premature death or stifling of life.

As you take each of your experiences and apply this process to them you will find how narrow your viewpoint was in your past. You will need to keep circulating amongst people as your coping skills grow and expand more and more each day. However, be prepared to see how immature or silly some of your thoughts and actions were. You will see for yourself, as I did, that to take a fixed position on any topic keeps you inefficient when it comes to solving problems. The only tools you think you have when you are backed in a corner are blame and guilt. By expanding your point of view you will become more creative in your life’s choices and pursuits.

The one most important thing to remember as you move and respond to each thought and emotion that you entertain, is to laugh. I find it is the hardest thing to do. I had the idea that if we didn’t respond with perfection we were no good. I find it is best to keep things light-hearted. Keep the focus on the possibility that the eternal self is enjoying the opportunity to express itself. If you are not fond of how you “acted” in the last scenario, change it. If we forgive ourselves just that fast, we will be allowing others the space they need to be who they are and forgive what appears to be their shortcomings. I find looking at my life like a colorful piece of art or drawing that I am constantly adding color and detail to, to be my best point of view yet. I find moving around on the game board of life is more challenging and rewarding than any virtual games. My motto remains that life is not for the faint at heart.

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