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Goodbye Cruel World or Hello 2013?

By Doris Deits

December is just around the corner and now seems a good time to revisit the 2012 end of times prophecies! Unfortunately, there may be some disappointment for those of us who like to revel in the drama that the world is about to end (12/21/12 being the most commonly predicted date). All I’m saying is don’t be too hasty to say ‘goodbye cruel world’ just yet. From a metaphysical perspective, it appears that this energetically pivotal year of 2012 will likely end on a much more peaceful note.

There are 4 significant astrological events coming up, 2 in November and 2 in December that are deemed very unusual and significant. These events are on 11/13/12 (total solar eclipse), 11/28/12 (lunar eclipse), 12/12/12 and 12/21/12. What is unusual about these dates is that each forms a YOD configuration or alignment on the astrological wheel or chart. The Yod is seen as the ‘finger of God’ because the alignment appears to be pointing or directing everything to a single point. To have four Yod configurations in this short time is a rare astrological occurrence.

Metaphysics attempts to interpret things from an energetic perspective, and these alignments are seen as focusing and directing certain cosmic energy patterns that in turn, affect humanity and humanity’s awareness. In a nutshell, the Yod formations are directing and stimulating energy patterns calling for compassion within the minds and hearts of humanity. Compassion is a quality of the divine feminine energy.

The astrological finger of God formations are symbolically related to judgment day. From a metaphysical perspective, this concept of judgment day is understood as facing our own self-judgments rather than a condemnation of a higher being. Energetically we are all feeling pressured to look back on our lives and find those judgments that lower our self-esteem, self-worth or personal power and embrace an attitude or willingness to release ourselves from the limitations of those ideas and belief systems. This is an act of self-love, kindness and compassion.

To identify areas of self-judgment, just ask yourself what you feel guilty about. Guilt is one of the most destructive and controlling of human emotions. For example, I feel guilty if I say ‘no’ to anyone – I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so I do stuff I don’t want to do in order to avoid feeling bad about myself. Guilt can be translated as the belief or self-judgment that one is a ‘bad’ person.

Most of us believe, deep down, that there is something wrong with us. We are not good enough for some reason or another and we attempt to prove that we really ARE good by doing good things for other people even if we don’t want to. The problem isn’t guilt per se; the problem is that somewhere along the line we decided we did something so wrong that we condemned ourselves to a lifelong sentence of being a bad person.

Yes, humanity has flaws and imperfections, but humans are inherently ‘good’ not ‘bad.’ Our core essence is divine love and energy, but we are still a work in progress! I’ve learned that most screw ups can be fixed with a sincere apology. It’s okay to have a bad day and of course we all strive to better; life is a learning curve. But our overcritical society and a high performance bar of constant perfection is eroding our self-confidence 24/7. When we fail to meet our own impossible standards, we internalize the disappointment and decide there must be something wrong with US, not our impossible standards. This must end.

If each of us can find a way to let go of just one really harsh judgment against ourselves, we will make a huge forward step for humanity. We can channel the incoming energy of compassion to help us adapt and let go of self-criticism. Releasing our own self condemnations is what many believe the 2012 shift in energy is really about – self forgiveness.


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