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New Way Dawning

By Mary Summerbell

‘Twas the night before End Times
and all ’round the world
people worried and scurried,
expecting the worst.

Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Jews
argued for their point of view,
seeing themselves as the chosen few.

The wisest among them
could not sort it out, as voices were                                                                                                    raised to almost a shout.

When what to their questioning eyes
should appear but a lively old Soul,
shining bright, with no fear.

“Are you God? Prophet? Jesus? Angel?
St. Nick?” “No matter,” he laughed,
greeting each one with a hug and a grin.

“I come in Peace. And Love.                                                                                                             No need for strife. You’re all welcome in.
Happy New Age to all, and to all Great Life!”


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