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Tuning Into The Soul

By Janet Zimborski, Nutritionist/Alchemist

Do you recognize the difference between life and death? Most people asked the question would say yes. It seems obvious, but look into someone’s cart at the grocery store. I ask you to do this not out of judgment towards self or others, but from the perspective of observation and analysis or critical thinking, such as a scientist would use. Think of yourself as a scientist when you begin to identify the living and the dead. It appears quite easy to identify the difference between life and death when we consider humans, animals, and plants; and yet as we peer into the lives or kitchens of our fellow humans the topic becomes dismal. We have forgotten what our soul thrives on. Living energy is the “key” or frequency to stay in tune with and connected to our Real Self, our soul.

The physical body is your gage as to how well you are doing at feeding your soul. It will tell you not only how you are doing at feeding yourself foods that are brimming with living energies, but how well you are doing at “feeding” yourself positive and loving experiences, with positive and loving relationships. In my own personal life, my physical body started a decline as a young child. My parents didn’t have the knowledge to identify what caused my decline, so they could never really help me to regain it. This is still happening to our children and our children’s children today. The main reason being that we look to our medical providers for the answers. Don’t get me wrong, they are needed at times too. However, they are not providers of wholeness or harmonic and living energies. We have no business “depending” or “leaning” on them or anyone else for our welfare. No one can give you welfare, not even the government. You must learn about the true nature of yourselves, and what keeps you alive and ticking. True freedom is not ours if we are taught to depend on others for our health and welfare day after day. We need to take charge of our own lives.

I found the best place to start was with the food and substances I put in my body. Without a healthy body you will not have a healthy mind and there will not be the healthy viable connection available for you to receive impressions from your True Self your Soul. The spirit “language” can be lost in translation without a healthy brain/mind and nervous/endocrine system.

Now look again at the foods in your cart. Are they living or dead and do you know the difference? Learn about where your foods come from. In my experience I have found a list of “foods” that work against the very life in your body if consumed on a daily basis.

For starters, I found tap water to be detrimental to my health. Depending on the water you drink it can contain chlorine, stannous fluoride (not nature’s calcium fluoride that encourages healthy teeth; it is a waste by product), and various heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, and most recently, residuals of prescription medications. I found water that has been filtered either by reverse osmosis or carbon block filters is high on my list of life affirming substances.

Look to see if you are getting enough water. I personally have eliminated all soda for the last 25 years. Take a glass of carbonated water, put ten teaspoons of sugar in it, put artificial flavoring in it and you have soda. Stir and drink. Alive or dead energy? Does that sound appealing? Just in case you were wondering, I arrived at ten teaspoons by taking the grams of sugar or CHO on the label times 4. This tells how many teaspoons of sugar are in a product. Soda almost always has 40 grams of carbohydrate per serving. Watch how many servings the container lists, though. If it says 2 you multiply the CHO by 2 then.

Many people are becoming wheat intolerant due to over consumption of it. One serving size of noodles is ½ cup, according to the American Dietetic Association, of which I was a member. How many people eat a half a cup of noodles when sitting down to their spaghetti dinner? Noodles are usually refined white flour and water. How much is too much? I prefer to put sauces on cooked spaghetti squash or shredded zucchini. Be creative with whole grains and meals that contain them. Bread and noodles might satisfy the hunger temporarily but how much life is it giving you?

The outside perimeters of the grocery store are where you will find life-supporting foods. Eggs, fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and limited dairy will give you more vitality, energy, calmness, and focus than most processed foods. This is a much larger topic than can be covered here, but my purpose was to whet your appetite for self-care and self-reliance in this new year that is fast approaching. It feels like it approaches me faster than most, as my birthday is the first day of each new year. Both of these “milestones” warrant a revised and rededicated vision and commitment.

I use the same observation and analyzed approach on the rest of my life’s lessons, experiences, and relationships when identifying with soul or life energies. However, it is wise to start with the needs of the physical body first. Then you can build the energy you need to tackle the rest. Keep in mind that although the changes are slow and subtle, the second you set your mind to a redirection of habits and keep things steadily improving you will notice your body and your light (the life energies) begin to strengthen and increase. Cells are constantly regenerating, with the cells of the bone taking the longest at around seven years. In seven years all cells are made new. Keep in mind that as you reach a goal, you do not stop. Life isn’t a destination, it is a journey. We are all working towards free will, which means when you listen to your soul, you may choose to slow down and take time out. But take note if what you are really doing is “giving up”. This is about being true to you and taking the time to create the best life yet, by identifying with your soul. Tuning into your soul. When you can fully hold the energies and frequencies of your soul, then you are a free person. A free man/woman with a passion for life!


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