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What Are We Going to Talk About?

By Joel Matthews

If you are reading this then we both missed the end of the world, societal collapse, pole shift, incoming comet, alien invasion, super volcano or Armageddon. I never get an invite to the really important parties. The elections are over. They also apparently didn’t bring this country or the world to an end. So…..

What are we going to talk about now? –

Want to venture a guess on the next date for the end of the world?

How about the next presidential election in 2016?

Start taking a poll or speculate on the candidates?

Think about how much money will be spent and what negative ads will be run?

How about how weird the weather will be? Which state or country will have the freakiest?

Or maybe just walk side by side in the park or nature preserve. Sit together with coffee or tea or even a hot chocolate (mmm) have lunch, share a recipe, play a game, watch a movie, watch the game, go to a show, share a meal, go fishing, watch the birds, feed the squirrels, walk the dog, ride our bikes, plant a tree, volunteer or help a friend ….do something together like we used to do. Look into each other’s eyes and smile and ask “Is there anything I can help you with?” or “Will you help me with this?” Take a long deep breath, look outward and inward and find the relationships we all used to share.

Happy New Year.

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