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Age of Aquarius or the Age of Woman

By Joel Matthews

Ancient Wisdom tells us that the incoming New Age of Aquarius, which actually started in 1962, brings with it a new age of The Feminine Energy of the Universe coming into its power. The outgoing Piscean Age finally ended on 12/21/2012. Remember that date? End of the world, the end of the masculine way of doing things. So maybe it was the end of the world for some. Men, take heed, learn to get in touch with your feminine side, your feminine power or get out of the way.

Taking a look around, the influence of the New Age can easily be seen by just looking at a short list of some of the top women creating social change in the world such as: Helen Bamber of Amnesty International; Camila Batmanghelidjh of Kids Company; Shami  Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty;  Margaret Chan, Director of the WHO; Sampat Pal Devi of the Gulabi Gang of Northern India; Shirin Ebai of Iran; Aparijita Gogoi of India; Lubia Hussein of Sudan; Malalai Joya of Afghanistan; Wengari Maathai of Kenya; Graca Machel of Mozambique; Somaly Mam of Cambodia; Faterna Mernissi of Morocco; Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar; the mysterious new “first lady” of North Korea; or even Lisa Robinson of Great Britain who stopped a train due to a car full of drunken verbally abusive male athletes.

Of course it is not an overnight societal change of heart that women will now be our leaders. Every day you can also look around and see the work that still needs to be done. There is Malala Yousufzai of Pakistan, shot in the head by members of the Taliban for simply wanting to go to school and receive an education. There is the as yet unnamed woman of New Dehli who was raped and thrown from a bus, eventually dying from her injuries. The traumas suffered by each of these women have brought the spotlight of the world down on the shortcomings of the societies they come from and awakened their nations. It is my hope and belief that this new age will eventually bring with it women like the examples above who will move nations with their words, deeds and the living of their lives instead of sacrificing them.

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