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Bodies and Bugs

By Dianne Witte

This winter I experienced what I call a major upgrade to my immune system. In other words, the flu hit me. You know how it lays you flat for a week or ten days. Your brain doesn’t work. Your body rebels at movement and your thinking only involves what you’re feeling…..miserable.

On the other side of the experience, I’m amazed at how my body takes care of an invasion. Just imagine how the “home team” is always on the alert for an interloper. But sometimes the invader is something we’ve never dealt with before and the home bodies need to fall back and re-group to find a way to deal with this “different” bug.

How cool the way these little buggers navigate my body. First, rushing to the battlefront to build defenses, then, zooming to headquarters for reinforcements, they give their lives in the fight to protect me. My digestive system is slowed down in order to send aid where there is the most need. My lungs fill with mucus to carry out dead invaders when I cough. My body aches and pains force me to be still, while it assigns resources where they’re most needed. Awesome!

The “bugs” of the world are just like us in that they are merely seeking to survive and thrive in this world. Since it’s a fact of life, are we better off to accept the process, or run around fearing the next time an attack is launched?

Why are there “good” bacteria and “bad” bacteria? Some “good” ones eat oil slicks or convert bio-mass to fuel. Have some been converted? Can we convert the unfriendly bacteria of the world?

Maybe the real difference between a good bacteria and a bad one is our perception? Then you could say, the bacteria (or virus) attacking me, is really a “good” one that helps me upgrade my immune system? Hmmmmm.

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