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Did You Know That . . . ?

By Pamela Brann

Did you know that right here in the Janesville and the Rock County area there is a real abundance of multi-talented individuals? This was represented recently in a local awards show: Janesville Area Creativity Awards sponsored by the United Arts Alliance. Many talented singers; dancers; writers; actors and photographers were recognized by a panel of judges or voted on by their peers. It is surprising what you can discover in our area.

And if you enjoy talk radio there is the blog radio Discover Janesville presented by Yuri Rashkin, check it out for local info and debates.

Have you attend a theater production lately? The local high schools have been presenting quality plays – musicals and the local theater groups are presenting outstanding shows also. If you are thinking that cost is a factor for you, consider going to the opening nights they usually cost less.

Some great places to see local artists works are The Janesville Art League’s art displays around town, as well as the Hedberg Library and JPAC, not to mention art stores.

Rock County may be a small part of WI but we have a great share of talent. Check out the JVL Convention & Visitors bureau for listings of local events, we are even going to have an Irish Fest in October.

Looking for art and entertainment events in your area? Check out your towns websites and help support the arts in WI.

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