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I Agree with the NRA

By Joel Matthews

On December 21, 2012, Wayne LaPierre stated that we needed to keep guns out of the hands of the “mentally ill”. That sounds reasonable enough to me. So who are the “mentally ill”? Generally I think you would want to eliminate those who have signs of paranoia or irrational fears about institutions, government authority, societal collapse or would rather prefer to kill people than learn to accept them. So when we find these people, he states we should create a national computer data base for access by law enforcement and gun dealers to keep them from buying guns. After we do that then what? Apparently there are, according to Mr. LaPierre, already several “mentally ill” people with guns, else there would be no one committing crimes with them, since “responsible gun owners” would never commit such acts.

How do we find those people? It would actually be easy it would seem. Anytime anyone goes to buy a gun, ammunition or any related firearm supplies or materials we should give them a psychological examination to determine if they are mentally capable of handling a firearm or related items, before they are allowed to purchase. It would also follow that anyone in that person’s immediate household should also be given the same examination. Once passed it could be administered annually, to insure the public of continued and complete safety, that the only gun owners are “responsible” ones.

How to make contact with all the current gun owners? It would be easier than it is now to find the owner of a gun that is used in crime. The government wouldn’t even need to be involved after the structure of the test is determined. The NRA could contact all its responsible gun owners and set up an appointment for examination. I would think the responsible gun owners would step forward and take the evaluation and get it out of the way, since they would all easily pass such a test. As a matter of fact, since it is essentially his idea, I think Wayne LaPierre should set the example and be the first to hold up his card.

He could then encourage all of his followers to do the same and it would be much easier to find the “mentally ill” gun owners who are left and separate them from their guns. Seemingly he sees this scenario as much better than a national background check of all gun sales and database of current gun owners. That scenario is just much too scary as to what could be done with such a database of information. It would be so much easier to insure the safety of children from guns and bullets flying through the schools by introducing more guns and bullets into the schools. It would be safer to wait for the “mentally ill” to come out of the shadows and kill them rather than delve into the shadows of gun owners and find them out.

Gun owners should look to history as to the results of failing to police their own ranks. Law enforcement officers everywhere are subject to “Internal Affairs Division” investigation as well as Federal Investigations due to their failure to police themselves. The results are always widespread distrust and finger pointing from the public undermining their abilities to do their work.

Physicians everywhere are subject to high malpractice insurance and lawsuits due to their failure to find a suitable method to clean their ranks of poor selfish minded practitioners. I have absolutely no issues with anyone who feels the need to carry a gun to alleviate their daily fears for their own safety. But if gun owners don’t find a path of gun control that is acceptable and practical to their life styles and recreation, eventually, no matter how much they protest, a desire for peaceful, comfortable society will find a way to do it for them.

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