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Will You Connect?

By Joel Matthews

Throughout history and our current society are amazing and wonderful examples of cooperative efforts to accomplish a singular goal or purpose. The collective group using the talent, efficiency, greater capacity, energy and knowledge of all of its participants opposed to the great efforts of many individuals racing, each racing toward a similar goal. Insects such as ants and bees, animals such as wolves and elephants in herds and family packs, are all better off because of a cooperative effort. The best example of what I am speaking of today; the computer. We may see many of the computers of today as single units, but most of the ones that sit on our desk or lap or coffee table have multiple processors, i.e. multiple “brains”. The more processors or “brains” we install in a computer the quicker and more powerful it becomes. When we connect multiple computers to each other, each having its own set of multiple processors, we create an even more powerful unit. When given its task it then becomes a single unit, even when each of them may reside tens of thousands of miles apart. Each one of them instantly able to access any part of one of the other’s databases, to access whatever knowledge needed, to forward its part of the common goal.

What if we could connect to each other in such a way as to solve the problems and ills of society, country and our world? Creating a thinking collective of mind. The collective power of 7 billion brains working together on issues. The collective having instantaneous access to all that knowledge and creative talent. Maybe we have one billion working on one issue. Maybe it only takes 100 million to solve the issue. Then we could work on 70 different things at once. It boggles the individual mind.

Of course that would mean allowing access to all our knowledge to the collective. Allowing 100 million or 1 billion into your mind, would you do it? If it meant solving all the conflicts, suffering, missed opportunities, etc. etc. all the things you can think about, would you connect? Allowing every thought you have out there, to focus on the greater good of the whole world? Would you let others, even one or two others into the deepest parts of your mind?

The real question isn’t would you connect. The fact is you already are connected. If you truly believe in an omniscient divine intelligence, whether you call it God, Divine, Universe, I AM or whatever linguistic designation you prefer, it is that entity that connects all. That which is the cause of all, is connected to each and every atom of our world, of our universe, from the tiniest single atoms in every molecule of every cell of our bodies, in every animal, every plant, every rock, everything you can think of. This collective intelligence of that which is truly omniscience and omnipresence, continually aware of each and every atom of our existence.

The question is; will you allow yourself to become aware of your connection? Will you bring your attention away from the mundane, the individual existence, long enough to focus on the greater existence of the whole? Will you allow yourself to become your part of the whole? To simply be… Will you?

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