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Energy Vampires:  Myth or Reality?

By Arline Rowden

There is so much information and so many books available about the subject of Energy Vampires. When we read or hear about them, we all seem to be able to relate to feeling drained energetically after certain encounters. So we validate their reality. But what if it’s not true? What if we aren’t victims? How would that change our experience?

So many people I encounter believe that they need to protect themselves since they fear they will either get drained energetically, or be adversely affected by the negative energies of others, or both. I have to admit I was one of those people, too, but I’ve slowly been changing my thoughts and reality around these issues. Could how I think about this issue really be changing my experience around it? Does energy really follow thought? These are things that people can explore, if interested, and find their own truth around them.

We do still live in a predatory environment. The human instinctual survival program is the most important focus in life. If we don’t survive, we are out of the game of life. Could fear and survival instinct set us up to see danger even where there isn’t any real danger? Are we so used to trying to protect ourselves that we do it without thinking? Because of our beliefs is there a program in us that runs on automatic and the shields go up?

Our etheric or vital energy body, which is part of our nervous system, is connected to the planetary etheric body. The planetary etheric body supplies everyone and everything on the planet with vital life force energy. This energy is given freely to all and since it’s free we really can’t steal it. So why do some people seem to experience being drained by others and their “attackers” seem to get a boost of energy from the interaction?

If a person believes they can be drained by others, that belief creates the experience for them. If a person believes there is a shortage of energy and they can only get more energy by stealing it from others, then that belief creates the experience for them, too. What people seem to experience around the concept of Energy Vampires – could it actually be part of a game humans play for fun?

When a person believes they only have enough energy for themselves, could it actually set them up to be attacked by another? The instinctual nature can easily detect fear and a feeling of weakness in others. The Energy Vampire gets a reaction from the victim that is enjoyable to them. The Energy Vampire believes they are getting stronger and their power is increasing. Is it possible that they are really just drawing more energy off the planetary electrical grid? The planet gives energy freely to all but the Energy Vampires feeling of increased energy confirms what they believe.

The “victim” of the Energy Vampire assumes they have lost energy but it might just be a loss of self-respect. This belief in the loss of energy could create a situation where they draw less energy from the planet and feel weakened. That experience confirms that Energy Vampires are real and they have been a victim of one.

Is there a solution to this age old game!?! Perhaps if the game isn’t fun anymore for the Energy Vampire they will move on to another supposed victim. The Ageless Wisdom Teachings state that there isn’t a shortage of energy since the planet freely provides all that is needed. Since we can draw all the energy we need from the planet, then we could also share energy freely with others without draining ourselves. So rather than putting a light around ourselves for protection, we could visualize Light around the potential Energy Vampire. If we freely share energy, rather than react in a fearful or manipulated way, the fun is over for the Energy Vampire and they will move on.

So I encourage you to explore these ideas and see what you discover for yourself.

©December 2013

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