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Is  Caring a Weakness?

By Doris Deits

Within previous articles in regard to society’s war on women, I have suggested that there exists a societal influence that perpetuates the war of the sexes with the sole purpose of keeping everyone in conflict.  If we are all busy fighting each other, we won’t have the time or energy to understand the bigger picture.

From a metaphysical perspective, the war on women can be seen as an external expression of an internal conflict.  Perhaps Humanity as a whole is in conflict with the dualities of its predator nature and its caring/compassionate nature.   If Humanity’s caring and compassionate aspects are growing or becoming more dominant, it’s only natural that the predatory aspect is going to throw a hissy fit.

Maybe we have perceived life incorrectly with the belief that being a predator is how to succeed in life.  Perhaps this is why there is still so much war going on and why certain groups have to see themselves as special or favored by God or superior in some way.  We are allowing this erroneous ideology to blindly rule our lives and our societies.

When we look at the animal kingdom, we see the predators survive by preying on the weak.  When a lion hunts, it goes after the weakest, not the strongest.  We see the same behavior in humans.  In fact, our modern corporations have thrived on this precept.  Our society only values strong things – things that are predatory in nature.  Anything perceived as weak is worthless, one of those being Women.

Women tend to be more nurturing and caring.  In fact a woman’s ability to care is her greatest asset.  I believe the same can be said of all men.  Ergo, Humanity’s greatest asset is its ability to care, not its ability to be a predator.

Perhaps the war on women is reflecting the anger society has against its own caring nature because we decided a long time ago that caring is a weakness.  And it is this rigid judgment against our own ability to care that is causing all the problems.  If we don’t allow ourselves (men and women) to be caring individuals and let our caring nature be a strength that is valued by society, women will continue to be the target for society’s rage against its own nature.

The belief that Caring is Weak is exemplified by our modern business world. I recently overheard a conversation where people were discussing how the big corporations and banks were hurting the economy by just sitting on trillions of dollars of profits instead of investing and circulating the wealth.  One could say, “Well, that just makes good business sense,” but many would argue that when dealing with such a large amount of resources, this type of hoarding is predatory in nature.

The ultra-rich see themselves as special because life has favored them with success and wealth.  After all, they are the ones who came up with the ideas and put in all the hard work.  Everyone else should have to do the same!

Now, what if that perspective was corrected to something like, life offered the 1% a chance to serve humanity with a needed product or service and the only reason they are successful is because the 99% are supporting them. If seen in this light, it would only make sense that a portion of profits go back into the larger mechanism of humanity that is responsible for its success.

Think of the impact it would make if the 1% shared just a fraction of their huge profits.  The missing link here is that the 1% doesn’t respect or value the 99% that are supporting them – they aren’t sharing and caring because they are drinking the Kool-Aid that says caring is weak.

We can see the caring nature of humanity blossom in times of crisis and disasters. There are organizations and groups that also harness the energy of caring and group good.  But, if we all realized that we are in our power by caring, not by being a predator, the world would change very quickly for the better.

So, for those of us who are still holding onto the belief that caring is a weakness, let it go – you’ll feel a whole lot better and you’ll help change the world.

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