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Phone Home

By R U Bored

This year was a tough one for me personally – and for many folks I know. Within my circles of family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances it seems there has been more than the usual amount of illness, injury, violence and death. Customers in the store where I work have commented on this, as well as strangers I’ve overheard talking to each other in public places.

I wonder – have I come to a time in my life when everyone starts to age and break down? Are the overall numbers the same, and these challenges just happened to affect more people around me? Am I just noticing more? Are people in general getting more cynical?

I don’t know what the trends are, if there are any. All I know is it’s been a tough year for many of us. And, in an effort to look ahead to next year with some kind of optimistic resolution, I have this to offer…..

I wish everyone soothing comfort. In our darkest and most difficult moments, may we all remember we are not alone. In spirit we are all connected. Please, everyone, when you get stuck in the heaviness of life remind yourself to reach out for anything that keeps you connected to life.

Call a friend. Listen to music. Sing. Dance. Pick up a book or magazine and read a few paragraphs. Write a few words. Go to a garden, museum or community event. Go out to lunch. Have some ice-cream. Or tea. Go for a walk. Pet your cat. Or dog. Kiss a baby – even if it’s your screaming grandchild. Do what you can, what you need to do, to renew your connection to the joy, the little pleasures of life.

It’s our connections – to each other, our world and our Higher Power that keep us alive, vital, balanced and happy. So let’s connect!

In the spirit of friendly connection my key word for next year is “Kindness.” And my motto – “Take it easy.” Let’s all slow down. Be patient. Take time to smile or say a pleasant word or two to whomever we meet in a day. Ease the way for yourself and others.

Life is challenging. Especially in transitions. But the transition to a new year brings a sense of optimism for a fresh start. I don’t know about you, but this old gal is hell bent on making 2014 less hell than 2013 has been.

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