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Why are Americans Fanatics?

By Dale Lucht

I have often wondered why the U.S. has so many nut cases.  Why are there so many right wing Capitalists? Why are there so many religious fanatics? Why are there so many single issue voters? The kind that will vote against their own best interest in order to stand behind their issue.

In my opinion there is an easy answer to the question. Europe shipped them over here to be rid of them, and they bred. They probably should have sterilized them before they left the countries. Of course our religious fanatics take second place to Middle Eastern terrorists. They are in a league of their own.

We should look at all social issues and life events with the perspective of a lifetime of experience and learning. Our personal religion should be part of that perspective. We should not make judgments based on a single focus, such as religion. The Holy Books do not have a single focus. If people read the books they will find out that there are inconsistencies in them. That is where your own reasoning comes in.

Enough proselytizing. I want to get into a History Lesson. After shipping bunches of Puritans out of England, Charles I found his country embroiled in a Civil War. He did not ship enough over here. Imagine what England would be like now if no puritans had left. England’s First Civil War began in 1642 and came to a stalemate in 1646. A compromise was attempted which failed and the Second Civil War began in 1648. Charles I was beheaded in 1649. A major player in these wars was a Puritan named Oliver Cromwell. Cromwell brutally massacred many Catholics in his Irish Campaign. He then invaded Scotland in 1650 because the Scots proclaimed Charles I’s son, Charles II, as king. After the Battle of Worcester Charles II had to flee into exile, where he would remain until 1660.

Oliver Cromwell became Lord Protector of England. The first objective was “healing and settling” the nation after the chaos of the civil wars and the regicide. Crowell’s second objective was spiritual and moral reform. He died in 1658. He had not been very popular and was even posthumously executed in 1661.

England’s American colonies in this period consisted of the New England Confederation, the Providence Plantation, the Virginia Colony and the Maryland Colony. Maryland was a Catholic colony and the rest were Protestant.

Charles II returned to the British throne in 1660. Cromwell closed all plays and after his death new plays were written. These were called Restoration Comedies. Charles II found the country broke and in debt. He needed money so he founded new colonies, the Carolinas. They became known as the Restoration Colonies. Charles II couldn’t care less about religion so it was not included in their charter. He was only interested in money, so unfettered business was established in the U.S. It worked well for many years. To increase production slaves were imported. Charleston became the moneyed capital of the South. Savannah, about 150 miles to the south was settled to provide protection from the Spanish, who still controlled Florida.

By the time the Revolution came around both free enterprise economics and religion had become commonplace in the U.S.  This lasted pretty much to the Great Depression of the 1930’s. President Roosevelt and Congress decided that the needs of men outweighed the greed of the rich and the corporations. The Republicans have attacked the social welfare system ever since its conception. They didn’t have much success until Reagan was elected. Since then every year has seen an erosion of individual rights in favor of corporate rights. The Supreme Court has declared that Corporations have personal rights. It is like allowing the insane to run the insane asylum.

Back to my opinion, which is, “Man” is the head of society.

Farmer’s serve society. Manufacturing serves society.

Bankers serve society. Politicians serve society.

Corporations are servants to society. Even though men and women work in these corporations, they work to benefit themselves as members of society.

Why should we as a society spend millions to subsidize and support corporations? Why should we as a society spend the blood of our youth protecting corporations? Why should we allow ourselves to continue this madness? My answer is – we shouldn’t. Now is the time to end it.

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