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Gay and Lesbian

By Julie Dieterle

With the recent cold snap, I found myself watching more TV.

I began to notice how much more prominently gay and lesbian couples appeared. Modern Family, HGTV and now, of course, the Russian issues at the Olympics. We are openly looking at all the spectrum of reactions and responses to this media coverage.

I began to think about it, looking back over the past 50 years. You know, we used to have such rigid ideas of boy/girl acceptable behavior and somehow such fear when our children didn’t fit in the boxes we created. The boxes holding behavior, expectation, looks, performance. We even went so far as to change a left-handed child to a right-handed dominance. Boy with a doll? Girl fighting? Boy with long hair? Girls holding hands? Girls in the military? Boys Hugging? Boys crying? We got fearful around what didn’t fit. Would the gay or lesbian “hit on” me? Would my children be unduly influenced? Would we be asked/coerced into being like them? Would society shun them?

Biologists say boy/girl determination comes about 2 ½ to 3 months into the pregnancy. Science describes variations of the X and Y chromosomes that determine sex. Could it be that there is a normal and natural spectrum of biological expression and not just one or the other?

From the Ancient Wisdom perspective, earth is moving through the cosmos into an area of space that is more influenced by energies of cooperation, inclusion, group action, seeing the whole, seeing ourselves as part of a continuum of life; which it describes as feminine qualities. The time we are entering is called the time of the “female Buddha”. These qualities have not previously been rewarded or even supported by the dominant cosmic influences. In the past we lived in an era of the individual, competition, specialness or individualization, which was important and was considered more Piscean in nature, more masculine. It allowed us to find independence and success in getting what we needed and ultimately “wanted”.

We recall the time of the “Feminist Movement”. Could this have been an attempt by women to come into a more balanced place? Many saw these leaders as being harsh and crass (more active masculine qualities). This lead to reactions from both sides of the gender spectrum. But could this have been a response to the incoming “female Buddha” energy? It might not have been expressed in a balanced way, but in a “pay attention there are unacceptable corners of the box that we need to blow open” (bring into the light) kind of way. Women giving up submissiveness, subservient nature, actions done out of the idea that that is the box we were put in by ourselves and society? Women could still be nesting, supportive, nurturing partners, but from a place of shared power, expression and balance. We all know the gay stereotypes of decorators, cosmetologists, and hair dressers. Could that be a way for the sensitive perceptive male to have an outlet for (his female qualities) his more creative abstract thinking side? Could this be a sign of the changing times, the moving into a more feminine (kind, creative, abstract thinking) time of our evolution? We are hearing more about the transgender people and surgical gender changes. Some are in conflict within themselves, within their bodies—asking why don’t I feel comfortable in my body?

Many believe in reincarnation. In fact, current surveys say a majority of the world’s population believe in it. This idea of many lives may also come into play. If the feminine qualities of being part of the whole and being part of the continuum of life are being understood by that cosmic down-pouring of light, might this bring to our minds remembrances of past experience?  Even if one does not believe in past lives, this cosmic change to a more inclusive and abstract way of thinking would allow us to feel our humanity, a broader range of experience.

Science says it is natural and expected to have 5-7% of a population gay or lesbian. Even in the animal kingdom we find this.

I see our expressions, dress, jobs, partnering–as loosening up, being more free. I see young people in junior high and high school, and older, being more open and accepting to a much broader range of dress, actions, preferences.  They are doing more as groups and not so much in tight couples relationships. I see them sharing more, communicating more( feminine qualities). They would rather do projects together. They feel more comfortable when their friends are in the group, on the team.

What if these human variations are a perfect unfolding of the “feminine Buddha nature” radiating down to us from the cosmos? What if we are being asked to be kinder, more intuitive, more open, more loving (agape loving)? What if we are being asked to examine what makes us happy? Friends? Groups and being together? Isolated and special? Sitting on a pot of gold? Could it be that the “boxes” of boy/girl in a strict sense, are too limiting and restrictive? Could we allow a more open acceptance of behaviors? Could we acknowledge that everyone and everything has a right to exist? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if each of us could feel whole and complete in our bodies? If each of us could express ourselves without fear or shame? If each of us could examine the ancient and deep fears about who WE are and have the courage, self-confidence, self-esteem to live our life fully just as WE are—AND allow others to do the same?

I include a couple of sites you might like. The first one includes an interactive map with worldwide examples.


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