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Men and the Aquarian Age

By Doris Deits

During the last 50 years, the planet has eased its way into the astrological sign of Aquarius. This ‘shift’ ushered in a different energetic quality, based on the Aquarian attributes which are commonly described as Divine Feminine energy.

From a metaphysical perspective, much has been written in an attempt to define the qualities of divine feminine energy to assist in humanity’s ability to accept and work with this ‘new’ energy. Group work, cooperation, nurturing, caring, sharing, patience and acceptance are all Aquarian or feminine energetic qualities that have been pouring into the system. This is quite a shock to all life on the planet which has been under the influence of predominantly Divine Masculine energy for the last 2000 years.

All humans are affected by this energy as it attempts to express itself through the human form – even if we don’t want it to! Aside from the extreme behaviors that are attempting to suppress women (i.e., feminine energy) around the world, little has been written or discussed about how the average man on the street is being influenced by all this feminine energy. I suspect there is a bit of resistance going on.

Resistance is a normal reaction to anything that feels different, especially for men. Men don’t typically like ‘feelings’ and too many feelings at one time is downright terrifying. Unfortunately, for those of the male species who want nothing to do with feeling their emotions, living through this time period in our planet’s evolution is gonna sting a little (or a lot).

Aquarian (Divine Feminine) energy is all about FEELING vs. the more dynamic masculine energy of DOING. Feeling is passive in nature and not so easy for a male unit. Sitting with one’s feelings and being okay with them and then accepting the feelings without judgment (i.e., making them wrong) is a necessary skill to make it through this Aquarian shift alive.

Nobody has a problem with GOOD feelings, it’s the not so good feelings (guilt, grief, betrayal, failure, abandonment) that we have trouble with. Most women don’t have a problem with feelings as a general rule. However, women do tend to want to blame others in their environment for the feelings that they don’t want to confront. Men tend to repress their feelings before they even become aware of them, so they are faced with a more difficult battle.

When I scan the media and movies, the only feelings I see as being acceptable for men to express are competition, anger, brutality and sexual promiscuity (go Viagra!). That’s a pretty short list, people! No wonder the men are having problems with feelings. It’s as if our society is trying to keep all the men in a perpetual state of teenage hormonal dysfunction. We can do better than this.

According to CNN, the suicide rate for veterans is one every 65 minutes. 22 veterans kill themselves every day of every week of every month. PTSD, violent assault and military rapes are cited as primary common denominators for these suicides. These numbers are expected to rise even more.

While people that have been in the military face exponentially more violence and horror than the rest of us, these statistics emphasize how humanity as a whole is unable to deal with difficult emotions in a positive or progressive way. Modern psychology is struggling and often failing to offer adequate coping skills.

There is hope on the horizon. Just as the Aquarian energies are forcing humanity to deal honestly with feelings, they will also stimulate new thoughts and new thinking that will bring about the needed progressive and positive solutions to this dire problem.

Ignoring and repressing our feelings creates imbalance and unnecessary stress on the body. For men, it is a good idea to use a physical activity to burn off any uncomfortable feelings that may be coming to the surface for acknowledgement and acceptance. Naming these pesky emotions while running on a treadmill or lifting weights is a great way to release this destructive force.

Once trapped emotions are released, they stop being destructive to the body. Less stress equals fewer heart attacks and a longer life. Yes, confronting emotions and feelings is more difficult for men, and yes it can be scary. But the effort can be very liberating if there is a genuine willingness to try.

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