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Prepare For a Powerful Turning Point in 2014

By Doris Deits

So many people are thrilled for 2013 to be over as it was yet another challenging year on multiple levels. Most spiritual people (those who are trying to lead their lives based on a “betterment for all” attitude) are growing tired and are weary, as the road has been a long one.

We are ever waiting for the tides to turn and for things to get better. When things don’t move fast enough, we can get sidetracked or feel the need to take a break. This is indeed happening, and now is the time for us to stand strong. Now is the time to rekindle our inner fire and keep focused, to keep moving forward and no looking back.

Internally, we are feeling a sense of loss, and some of us can even feel as though there is a hole inside of us that can’t be filled. This is the old energy that is leaving the system.

We can assist the body by telling ourselves everyday “I am releasing the old so that I can embrace the new.”

We want to acknowledge our feelings of loss or grief, but then we want to move on with our thought, with our minds. This can be done simply by our choice.

We can avert an overemphasis on our sense of loss by reading a good book or picking up a hobby or just thinking about the positive things that happen to us every day, no matter how small. If we focus on a sense of loss, failure or ineptitude, it can overwhelm our thinking and allow a negative energetic flow to influence us.

By turning our minds to something neutral or positive, we invite a better energy to flow through our body. When we are tired, exhausted and feeling beaten down, staying in a positive mind frame is no easy task.

There is good news, too.

The full moon in May will mark a significant time in our history. This is when all the Piscean energy is replaced with the Aquarian energy.

he first Aquarian energy started coming into the system in 1906, and we saw the impact of that energy enter humanity’s consciousness in the 1960’s. Since then, the energy switch has continued until we reach the full moon in May, when the transition is complete.

At that point, the only energy that will be available to us is Aquarian.

To fully understand the significance of this, one must look at the qualities of the Piscean and Aquarian. Piscean energy supported individualism. Individual growth, individual power and all other individualized efforts and learning.

Aquarian is about group effort. Shared power, shared wealth, an even distribution of resources for all to have a better life, not just one person or one group. Goodwill for all is the keynote. So we are going from one extreme to the other, albeit over a long period of time.

Because this energy is unseen to the naked eye, it takes some imagination to understand that all physical matter is supported by energy and energy has a huge influence over how we feel. How we feel affects how we think. Our thinking affects our actions, etc.

This changeover to a new energy is a big deal. This is why we, as spiritual beings, must not lose our focus. We must press on by continuing to embrace the qualities of the new energy and not slide into “poor me” or “I can’t do this anymore” attitudes.

The world needs us to stay strong and keep moving forward with our thinking, actions, and attitudes. Keep engaged with life, and our communities and have a willingness to embrace the new stuff coming our way. Be joyful when we are challenged to let even more things go – old attitudes, old beliefs, even old things in the closets!

We can’t know what the new energies will bring us. We are challenged to trust that things will be better, that our efforts are not in vain.

We matter, and we can do this together. So let us join together in heart and mind and move forward with steadfastness, grace and courage to the full moon in May.

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