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Spring  Into  Being

By Janet Zimborski

To live freely is to live without others imposing their beliefs, rules, and truths on our beings through the subtle art (intention) of control, manipulation, and greed. As a universal citizen, it is our right to live freely, as sovereign individuals. The dictionary states the word sovereign stands for “supreme ruler such as monarch, head of state, or crowned head”. These are all titles for positions of individuals in a position to hold their personal beliefs over another. In other words, they have control or at least an illusionary control or power over others in the world/universe.

The meaning of sovereign as an adjective is stated as “possessing supreme or ultimate power”. It is also stated that “in modern democracies the peoples WILL is in theory sovereign.” The word theory lets us know this statement has yet to be proven by science. Anything science cannot prove is not yet referred to as a true fact. Therefore our Will is not spoken of or taught in the public schools and is not considered newsworthy. What a pity. Many human beings have been ridiculed, imprisoned, or even killed for their unique beliefs, inventions, and lifestyles that could have or would have supported the betterment of humanity. Whether at school or work we are not normally guided or allowed to be independent and think for ourselves. We are taught what to believe and not how to explore or question our truths.

Honestly, how can we each change the way we approach our children, parents, teachers, bosses (look at that word), so that we may all become sovereign individuals that are no longer feeling the oppression or depression that results from modern day mind control versus the curiosity and spontaneity of our innate higher selves. Encourage yourself to get the most out of what Spring has to offer. Look for the new within and embrace whatever it is you find, Beautiful Soul.

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