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The Diversity of Perfect Expression

By Joel Matthews

“This is how you get to be the best.” “They were great. Follow in their footsteps and you will be too.” “This is the path to greatness.” “This is the proven method of success.” And so on and so on. It seems that everywhere there is a blueprint for whatever life you would choose to lead. Set perfection as your goal and do your best to achieve it. “We will show you how.” Ok, so will I. At least this set of instructions is much cheaper than most.

Actually, it is not my intention to give you any direction at all, other than to pay little attention to the cookie cutter blueprint pathways for sale everywhere. I am not the first to say it. Find your own path. Blaze a new trail. Living your life to someone else’s treasure map only guarantees the treasure will not be where it is marked on the map. They got the treasure by being the first. Advice can be sought and accepted, but question everything. Even me. Find what resonates in your heart. Find what gives you pause to think and wonder. Find what brings a smile to your heart. Find what motivates you to action. No one can give it to you. No one can wrap it up under the tree. The tooth fairy isn’t going to leave it under your pillow. Though she might give you a hint if you slow down long enough to listen.

Each of us is born into the perfection of God’s entire creation. Each of us is uniquely perfect for our part in this creation. If God wants cookie- cutter perfection then we would all start out on an even plane. Even if there were a specific number of divine paths, would we not then be a specific style of divine creation to follow that path? If cookie-cutter perfection is not the answer then what is your or my part? Being the unique creation we are born to be. What is that, you ask? It is not found in fame or fortune. It is not found in our physical prowess. Nor even in the intellect of our puny brains. It is not found outside of ourselves. It is not found in the physicality of our existence here. Nor even in the mirror.

It is found inside. By connecting to our heart and soul. By combining the acceptance, appreciation and respect of our hearts with the love and wisdom of our soul and slowly adding and stirring in the experiences of our life. Soon you will understand what your perfection truly is.

It will not be measured by points on a scoreboard. It will not be measured by the dollars in the bank account or on an asset sheet. It is not about the shape of our face, the size of our biceps or the length of our legs. It is not measured in how many things we have or how many people call us “friend”. It is not about how many people know who we are. It is not how many people fear, respect or even love us. It is not measured at all. It is not measured because there is nothing that it should be compared to. When you find and achieve your unique expression of life, it is just that, unique. Nothing else like it. It doesn’t taste like chicken. It isn’t seen on your TV, computer or at your local theater. Not seen in magazines. Not sold in bookstores. Not on some secret Web page blog or a discount DVD.

Your path is uniquely created by you with your love, respect and appreciation for life. You are the creator of your life. From your perspective, your experience, nothing else like it anywhere in the world. You were born uniquely perfect. Don’t die a cheap or even an expensive copy. Please celebrate the perfect diversity that is you.

P.S. OK. I lied. I did give some direction here. It is really more like hints and gentle guidance than actual instructions. And all it cost was a little time and thought.

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