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What to do with the NSA?

By Joel Matthews

Our world has been turned upside down by the revelations of activities of our National Security Agency. In my opinion they are simply a very talented child who has been allowed to go without teaching or discipline. They have shown a great ability and adaptability in the talents they have developed in the field they were given to play in. But now that their talents have been brought to light, albeit in a fashion that puts them under great scrutiny for inappropriate behavior, I think that if given an appropriate task, they would perform in an upstanding manner.

The question now lies in what more constructive pursuits can we have them apply their expertise? I am of the opinion that they are not to be crushed, disbanded or locked up forever. For it is our duty to take what has been learned and put it to a constructive use.

Now the NSA has shown an enormous talent, probably the best in the world, at making a complete accounting of the activity of people, individually or in groups. So the question only lies in what people or groups of people do we as the American people have a need or right to know of their whereabouts and activities?

Now I know this sounds ominous and threatening. Many of you will say that there is no one who has the right to know what anyone else is doing in their private lives. That is just the point. Private lives. What about public lives? Who out there in the public eye do we have the right to know about? Well, if they’re in the public don’t we already know about them? For me the answer is an emphatic, “NO!” And the people I want to know about are Congress. Our elected Representatives and Senators. We have been shown that the Congress of the past two years has been the most unproductive in our history. So just what have they been doing to earn their paychecks for the last two years? I think this is a wonderful place for the NSA to apply their unique talents. Every state and congressional district could be given an accounting of travels, phone calls, meetings, both public and secret, as well as any other related activities and expenditures.

Now that would be a worthwhile use of NSA talents and my tax dollars!

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