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Homeward Bound

By Janet Zimborski

SHH… Listen carefully as you read this, as there is evidence that you are more than what you see. If you are like me, life will seem mundane until a leap of faith from what is, to what will be, is taken.

How will you know you have made that transitional leap? Life will go from a very fast pace, without a conscious connection as to what you are creating and as to what the consequences will be, to a very slow pace of Awareness To Action where you will take deliberate action to increase personal and/or global accountability, peace, and joy. Why would one want to entertain such a feat? Self-responsibility and unconditional love provide a road map for success, as our legacy to the Earth, and her inhabitants, for century’s to come.

A recent and yet lengthy experience has prepared me to take yet another such a leap in life. A year ago almost to the date, my husband and I sold our home. We were hoping to create a new environment to reflect the changes we as a family made over the years. Keeping the family home and family structure as it always has been, was never my dream. I believe we are here on Earth to experience all phases of our life the way we WANT to, not as it always has been done. So I set out to simplify my life and infuse it with the joy of being present in every moment, every single choice. I had no idea what I was in for. I thought I would find “my home” in a month or two, so I signed a 3 month lease. I have since signed several 3 month leases and my mood, which started off on a high note, looked like it was going to end up on a low note by the end as of this last winter.

From the very beginning of my search till present day, each and every house I drove by or went through raised my spirits. I thought this was the one! When it turned out not to be the one, I began to doubt myself. I started missing my old house, and the family holidays and get-togethers. Having a plan and laying the ground work for any project allows you to get right back on track as your spirit wavers. With each and every house there were so many factors when deciding if this was the house. So many times I had to go back to the drawing board and ask more questions of myself and others with knowledge in specific areas of expertise. Condo associations were one of those tough decisions for me. I love my freedom and am careful how I choose to live. I still wanted to do yard work and have a garden, so most condos were out of the question. Outdoors the temperatures started dropping and snow started falling and the longer and longer the winter went on, the more I felt I needed to get a two bedroom apartment. No such luck; two bedroom apartments were full! Finally it was Spring and new houses would be listed, so back up went my hopes. By the time May rolled around I had my share of disappointments. At some point I remember feeling very content with my living arrangements. At some point I found out it just didn’t matter if I had a house or not. I had just made it through almost a year of living in a small space without much of anything but a small love seat and a 19 inch TV and a bed, and minimal clothing (most everything we owned was in storage). Just when I was about to give up on my plans of finding a house where I could once again have a yard of my own, I found the one. Funny too, I wasn’t going to look at it and decided what the heck. I asked myself “What do I have to lose?”

Remember, when you move through life on automatic pilot, the pace is fast and sometimes furious. Buying a house from this level of consciousness could end up a disaster. Your potential to buy a home that could be more than you can afford is a definite possibility. Equally important for your long term satisfaction and happiness, in the purchase of a home, is location, floor plan, condition, and projected length of time in the home. I also want to point out, that although my intentions are to buy a house, the same will be true with the beginning of any activity, relationships, careers etc. How you go about creating your life will either lead to long term satisfaction, stability, and confidence or possibly restlessness, doubt and low self-worth. When creating your life by design, you will need time, and plenty of it. Lay the ground work, get the facts, gather knowledge, plan, and organize, then do the work. No matter where you find yourself today, be true to yourself, go after your dream, and never give up and never stop dreaming!

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