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I Am Not The Body I Am My Awesome Soul

By Joel Matthews

We can look around at the all the people in our lives – relatives, friends and strangers. If asked, we would put them into “descriptive categories” of people. Giving, arrogant, loving, selfish, selfless, narcissist, depressed, ignorant, caring, hardworking, lazy, persistent, quitter, know-it-all, compassionate, sadistic, masochistic, quiet, intelligent, inquisitive, angry, insensitive, unflappable, thoughtful, cheerful, happy, unhappy, sensitive, irritable, opinionated, funny or even good or bad, evil or a saint, and on and on. Sometimes these judgments are based on our interactions or on observed behavior. Sometimes on our feelings, or the clothes worn or where they are seen to frequent or live. Where they went to school or their heritage, lineage or where they work. Sometimes we accept the judgments of someone we know. Sometimes the judgments of the public or the press. But they are still just judgments. Since we know we are imposing our judgments on others we know they are constantly judging us the same way.

We navigate our entire lives around who we think we are vs who others think we are. We go through our lives sure of who we are, until at some moment we are not and we are always trying to project the image we want others to see. Because we are sure that if others knew us the way we see ourselves they would not accept us for who we “really” are. We have an instinctive, deeply entrenched desire to be accepted by our family, our chosen group, our community, our society, our church or social organizations. By the people in our world. To make the image of us acceptable to ourselves. To gloss over, cover up, make up for the imperfections, defects or even “evils” within us.

Most of us do not know ourselves. The true being that we are. Our soul. There are no evil souls. All souls are each a perfect offspring of the Divine. If we could only know this of ourselves and of others, we would be able to travel through our lives in this knowledge and be able to release all the judgment we have of ourselves and of others. I am a man of mantras. Such is the title of this article – a mantra I challenge you to say to yourself every morning in the mirror. Your ego will reject it in many different ways. Not because it is not true. Your ego is the politician of your body. It will try to convince you otherwise so it can still hold the office of being in charge of your feelings and how your day goes and of your entire life. When you can convince yourself that this is not true, when you can get in touch with your soul and know that you are not this body then your soul will be the main rudder of how you feel, how each day transpires, of how your entire life navigates. When I look into the mirror maybe my ego sees an ugly, overweight, middle age man who is alone and consistently procrastinates, with big ideas and little action and nothing to show for his life. Maybe it is the day when ego sees god’s gift to women and the world. I now know that what my ego sees is not so.

Say it, I challenge you, I dare you, I implore you, I ask you to look yourself in the eye, get in touch with your soul and say:


Say it three times every morning, every day until your ego gets tired of fighting. Then see how your life has changed.

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