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NSA Part Deux

By Joel Matthews

Last issue I suggested that a good job for the talents displayed by the NSA was to observe Congress to help find out what they have been doing for the last six years. It was pointed out to me that the NSA was not the only security department with access to such talents. It also would not solve the issue of keeping an eye on the NSA’s activities which were what was really in question. I had to agree. Also I believe we really already know the answer to the question of Congress. So in rethinking possible job duties of our all our countries security I came up with the following.

The FBI could watch over the NSA, the CIA over the FBI, the Secret Service (SS) over the CIA, the ATF over the SS, the IRS (treasury agents) over the SS, the Border Patrol (BP) over the IRS, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) over the BP, the National Guard over the DHS, the Coast Guard over the National Guard and the NRA will be watching over all of them, except for MIB as no one seems to know where they are located.

This IS the greatest country in the world. Apparently we are also the most paranoid and fearful.

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