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A Beer with God

By Joel Matthews

I dreamed a dream of having a beer with God. Just God and me sitting down and starting with small talk and moving on to bigger and bigger questions. Seeing God sitting alone, oddly enough I took the next seat. I asked “How are things going?” “All is as It should be,” came the reply. “Really?” I questioned. Fairly bold of me to question God that way. God just nodded affirmingly to me. I wasn’t quite ready to launch into a tirade of all that I thought was wrong with the world, so I left it at that and kept the conversation a bit lighter.

There were X games on the TV and I remarked how I had jumped out of a tree from about 10 feet up, without regard, just to have a chance at winning at Hide and Seek with my brother once. God nodded, “I am there”. “Oh, right-you’re God”. Saying present tense? I suppose with God that is possible. More than my mind wants to know right now. Time to jump into the deep end.

“So are you really sending all those souls to hell?” “Love does not torture or confine or judge in any way. Love only gives. You are where you choose to be, and you call it what you choose to call it. The human experience is given the greatest of all love. The ability to choose. The freedom to choose. Nothing else in your experience has that. Minerals are what they are and where they are based on the laws of physics. Plants must try to live based on where the seeds fall no matter the external conditions. Animals follow their instinctual heritage. Only humankind has free choice. I sent you to the earth plane. The rest is your choice. To experience, learn, grow and evolve. When you have learned all you can in a lifetime, you are given another, like moving up a grade in school, to continue the process.”

I digest this for a moment, several moments, actually. “But if everything is as it should be, why is everything so screwed up? People die needlessly every day, violently, from neglect, from causes that could be prevented or cured.”

God sighs. “You have judged that death is bad, evil or unneeded. Each death is a graduation for the soul and a fulfillment of karma. You have died from all causes and killed for all reasons. It is how you now know that there is a better way. It is why you see it as needless. But not all have learned all lessons.”

I sigh, “So why must I live on the planet full of kindergartners!?” “Who is to teach them, that they might learn their lessons quicker and easier?” “ME?” Terror runs through me. “If you choose to do so, you and many tens of thousands like you.” I am relieved remembering the last time one person was left to teach the world. “You must seek them out and join together that you all know that you are not alone, never have been and never will be. Share all that you have learned, listen to all that others have learned, creating a group of love and wisdom that then can continue to be shared, to grow, to evolve.”

“But if a bunch of us get together and come up with the answer won’t we just be giving it out?” God sighs, “There is no ‘answer’, there is only choice. As humankind continues its evolution there will continue to be questions and choices. There is only learning, evolution and choice, forever.”

My head spins, only half my beer is gone, so I can’t blame the alcohol. “Forever?” I whisper. God nods. “No finish line, no band, no fireworks?” God shakes his head. “Only appreciation, acceptance and respect for all you do” “For ALL I do?”

“Yes” God says. “Only love for all you do. Everything you do, no matter how you judge it, adds to the collective experience, knowledge of all and therefore the collective wisdom of all. So whatever you choose to do, do the best that you are able to do and judge not the results. If it needs to be done again, then do it again. If it does not bring the expected results then try something different. But above all do.”

“But what if I do it wrong?” “A lesson you will learn. There is no wrong or right, only choosing to do or not to do. If something is not wise to do then do something else or do it another way. Only through doing will you grow and evolve. Only through doing will you achieve the enlightenment you seek. Judge not yourself or others,” God replies.

“But I AM afraid.” I now start to tremble inside. “Only through doing what you fear will you learn that there is nothing to fear …” “But fear itself” I interrupt, trying to hide my fear by finishing it as a quote, exposing both my knowledge and lack of it at the same time, wishing I had not said it.

“Something like that,” God smiles. It was then, in that smile, I felt the love of which he spoke. I was not being judged in any way. Only acceptance, appreciation and even respect…..love. Pure and very simple love.

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