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Just an Idea

By Julie Dieterle

In a recent class I attended the participants were asked to share something about themselves that the others might not know, some secret. How would you feel about that? What might you share?

As you can imagine, the range of answers were all over the board.

It ranged from: “I can’t come up with anything right now to a soul-baring confession of an issue someone was willing to own and look at more deeply.

It seems when we are asked such a question most initially come up with a wrong done, an embarrassment we would rather have hidden, or something that our social mask would not like to show. Suddenly we may feel vulnerable. For sure, this was in a group that focuses on evolution of consciousness. That focus might not happen in another social situation or even in a new relationship with a partner, at least to begin with. Delving deeper implies there is a certain amount of trust that I feel safe enough.

Amazingly, after sharing, I felt there was indeed a relaxing, an openness, a beginning of trust and connection within the group members.

Perhaps we were saying, “I’m willing for you to see more of who I am”—and then—wow! – I see that I am not rejected, in fact, I was acknowledged and supported.

What happened there? Did I just accept a part of myself that I even hid from myself and/or did not acknowledge even to myself that it was a burden? And now the burden of that minor (or major) thing can be let go—no longer taking energy to hold.

Sure beats talking about the weather.

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