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That is Who I am

By Joel Matthews

When people ask you “Why do you do that?” do you launch into an explanation to justify your actions against society’s norms, or the standards of a group you “belong” to, or maybe just the judgment of the person asking? Why? Do you feel a need to justify your actions to others? Or are you justifying them to yourself? Next time someone questions what you have done, something you feel good about. I challenge you to try this statement. “That is who I am”. Is it? Or are you acting outside of your character? Is your “character” who you really are and how you feel? Or are you trying to create a persona for the world to see? Stating “That is who I am” is a direct challenge to yourself, your ego and to the thinker within. Notice what emotions come up when you say it. Do you feel a calm confidence? Or do you feel an uneasiness? A fear of ridicule from the questioner? If you are still feeling the need to elaborate at length then maybe it is not you. Is it who you want to be? Are you more concerned with the outside judgment or the inside judgment?

Now hopefully your actions are not violent or hurtful in any way. If they are you may have deeper issues than simply getting to know and be comfortable with who you are. Using the statement “that is who I am” and “this is what I do” will challenge you to find out and get to know who you are. It will also challenge others who think they know you. Once you know yourself, what you do will come naturally, feel good and right, and fill you with a silent, natural fulfilment.


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