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The Man of Mantras (A man of LaMantra) Strikes Again

By Joel Matthews

Last issue I challenged you to say “I am not the body, I am my awesome soul” every day until your ego gets tired of fighting.

Are you still working on it? Ego still putting up a good fight? Have you slipped in your perseverance? Maybe I should have let you know it would not and will not be easy. But it may be one of the most important struggles of this lifetime-to truly understand that the physical body that appears before you in the mirror is not you. You are spirit. A perfect child of the universe. Ah, yes I can hear you, saying “perfect my a**”. But that judgment is yours. It is your assessment of a physical form. Even if it is the judgment of others, it is just that, merely a judgment. Something to be acknowledged and then discarded as unneeded. A physical form that is but a temporary learning vehicle for a spirit that does not know form. You have become lost in this form thinking it is all you are. Not true.

This issue I challenge you not only to continue with the previous mantra, but to add this one when you look into the mirror. “I will always love, appreciate and accept myself.” No doubt the version in the mirror will reply with an expletive not fit for this publication. Still look deeply into the eyes in the mirror and say it. Say it three times at least once a day. It will bring emotion, sometimes uncontrolled. Get in touch with the emotion and why it is there, but always know that you are not physical but spirit. Keep at it with the mantras and soon you will get tired of fighting and begin to feel it.

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