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Woman Power and Midterm Elections

By Dale Lucht

Remember the 2010 midterm elections? With the Tea Party making itself heard, the Republican Party was able to take control of the House of Representatives. Four years of meanness and fighting and news stories of everything under the sun except legislation. Congress has ignored what their job is, and that is to legislate. Democracy is coming together and negotiating until an agreement can be reached. Oligarchy and despotism are not negotiating and then expecting the opposition to vote your way. If they don’t then nothing is accomplished. Less has been accomplished in the last two years than in any other congressional session.

In the U.S. it seems like more women are running for public office. In Georgia’s Senate race Michelle Nunn is running behind David Perdue by 6 percentage points. Texas, of all places, might elect a democrat, Wendy Davis, as Governor. Texas did elect Ann Richards as their 2nd woman Governor, and the 45th Governor of the state. She got beat in 1994 by some obscure politician named Bush. Of course Wisconsin has never elected a woman as Governor.

The big race in the country is in Kentucky where Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is in a dead heat with Alison Lundergan Grimes. You may remember that Mitch McConnell said that he would do everything in his power to make sure Obama would be a one term president.

Women say that they are better at resolving issues, they don’t have anger issues, and they can multitask better than men.  Nancy Pelosi definitely did a better job as Speaker of the House than John Boehner is doing. Now is the time for women to get out to vote.

Women, do you want to send your children to war? Do you want your children to have a good education? Do you want your children to have good paying jobs, affordable housing, and affordable health care? Most men and women would answer yes to those questions, but men are easily led into voting against their own best interests. So it is up to women to vote for progress on November 4.

In Wisconsin we have a lot of important elections. I am not a member of the Democratic Party, but I primarily vote for democrats. I have voted for Republicans in the past and may do so again once they lose their fanaticism. If Paul Ryan softened his views on Reaganomics and dumped Ayn Rand I might vote for him.

But back to my current election endorsements. Tim Cullen has evidently got worn out by the constant fighting in Madison and decided to retire. Longtime Representative from Evansville Janis Ringhand won the primary and will be running for State Senate Nov. 4.

Another very important race in Wisconsin is for Attorney General. Susan Happ, Jefferson County’s District Attorney will be running. She is being attacked by righties because she was a former defense attorney. A defense attorney is akin to saying left wing commie psycho that is soft on crime. Taking away a person’s freedom is great power that states have. No one wants an innocent person convicted and that is why we need defense attorneys. Thirteen percent of our working age black men are in prison the highest rate in the nation. Wisconsin has to do better and Susan Happ has worked both sides and will be the best choice, in my opinion, for Attorney General.

Now to Governor. Is there any question that Walker has devastated the State of Wisconsin? His dictatorship has got to end. Jobs are down no matter how you cook the figures. Our budget is facing a huge deficit because of tax breaks he has given.  He has been friends to people who don’t live in the state, like the Walton Family and the Koch Brothers. He’s been an enemy to teachers, factory workers, garbage men and secretaries-in short, working people of all kinds. This is your chance to vote for Wisconsin’s first woman Governor, Mary Burke, former executive from Trek, is running against Walker.  She has been attacked by Walker for not backing his voucher program. I say bravo, the voucher program is one more way of weakening the working class. Under Walker, Wisconsin ranks 45th in job creation. Walker has decided not to take Medicaid money from the Affordable Healthcare Act. It is estimated to cost Wisconsin taxpayers 206 million dollars in added healthcare costs. Please, get out to vote on November 4 and vote for Mary Burke.

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