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A Sense of Home

By Janet Zimborski

How do you choose what direction to take in regarding your life’s choices? Who is the director? Have you heard the statement, “We all have freewill?” In my life’s experience I have found that, yes, we as Humans can decide for ourselves what choices we are going to make in our lifetime. However, at some point in my life, I did not feel I had freewill. For almost as long as I can remember, my life has felt more like forces outside of my will pulling my strings. Parents, teachers, siblings, peers, Physician, Dentist, Ministers and employers all choosing methods of fear, punishment, judgment, shame and threats. I heard statements like “What did you do that God is punishing you?” Or “Kids are to be seen and not heard!” Another would go like this, “You will be sorry someday”. This is nothing new to many of us, even to this day most children are brought up this way. It is a learned behavior from one generation to the next. There is not a person living that hasn’t been captive or, in other words, enslaved by the collective society’s conditioning. It becomes a problem when, like me, the child is born extremely sensitive. The conditioning weighs heavy on their soul. The message I received as a child is be very good, be very quiet, do not step out of line. Over time I learned that in order to be successful (according to my family and loved ones) I needed to do what everyone else thought was acceptable. I tried hard to measure up, but was leading a life that was going against my better judgment, and would get sick often.

Eventually I would go against what I was told as a child, that girls do not go to college. Apparently girls grow up, get married, and have babies. At 31, with a husband and 5 children, I went to college and graduated with a science degree in Dietetics. I wanted very much to help others become informed about how to live a healthy life. I enjoyed my consulting business for many years. Then what seemed like all of a sudden, once again I felt my soul calling for change. I quit my business, and sold my house. It wasn’t until I had to search for my new home that I realized how free will operates in my life and what happens when it doesn’t. Many times, because I just really wanted a house, I almost settled for something I would never have enjoyed. I realize that to make that sometimes hard choice, which is to be more aligned with the sense of my soul (a feeling of home) can be challenging. The more and more one is able to do just that, the more enjoyable life becomes. It is in this choosing (to honor the sense of home/Self energy) that you are allowing your true energetic nature to flow through you once again. This is freewill! This is WHOLENESS!

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