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International Day of Happiness

By Dianne Witte

Just a reminder, March 20, 2015 is International Day of Happiness. How do you plan to mark the day? Maybe meditate on happiness? Do a little soul journaling on what makes you happy and how you can help others experience happiness? Share a little happiness. How? Here are some suggestions from the http://actsofhappiness.org website.

  • Instilling passion for supporting charities with your children. Ask them to choose toys and clothing that they’ve outgrown and give them to a children’s charity, explaining they are sharing with those who don’t have much at all.
  • Inviting a friend, neighbor or co-worker over for dinner.
  • Paying someone a compliment—especially about who they are—their character.
  • Using your talents to do or make something special: Teach a friend yoga or your grandma how to tweet.
  • Just being there. Make an effort to visit relatives and people you care about but haven’t seen in a while.
  • Visiting someone who may not have visitors often, like an elderly neighbor.
  • Giving a coupon book of favors that you will deliver. For your husband or wife, you could give a car wash, his favorite pie or an evening with her girlfriends. For a friend, give them time with you, running Saturday errands and a latte at the office.
  • Helping someone check something off their bucket list. You’ve always wanted to sky-dive, right?
  • Seeing someone who needs help, and then helping them.
  • Leaving hugs. Before you say goodbye to family and friends, give big hugs!
  • Starting the day with a positive thought—and passing it along throughout the day.
  • Being a workout buddy. Sign up for an exercise class with a friend and hold each other accountable to attend. Support a friend who has a hard time getting active and always be ready with encouragement.
  • Adopting a relative at a Veterans Affairs hospital or retirement home. Make them part of your family.
  • Planning an experience with a loved one. Plan a trip together, whether it’s to the café around the corner or a more ambitious weekend in the mountains.
  • Planning an unplugged weekend with your family. No cell phones, no TV, no computer—just each other.
  • Writing a loved one’s résumé for them—real or not—to remind them of their accomplishments!
  • Calling a faraway friend just to tell them that you’re thinking of them.
  • Committing to having more happy days in the future by paying attention to what brings you joy—and then passing the joy along to those you love.
  • Giving away bounty from your garden. Who can resist a zucchini?
  • Intentionally pursuing happiness in your own life, so you can enrich other people’s lives around you every day.

Maybe you do one or more of these things. Simple, to be happy, isn’t it?

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