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By Dale Lucht

Recently I was thinking of the mascots of the political parties, and how appropriate they are. The Democrats have the donkey as their mascot. The donkey or the ass is the same animal. (How many times do you get to legitimately say “ass” in these pages?) The ass is a contrary animal; you don’t see them teamed up. You’ll see a team of oxen, a team of horses, even a 20 Mule Team, but you never see a team of donkeys. They just don’t work well with each other – like the democratic politicians.

When the Dems were in charge of Congress and the Senate, there were a lot of good laws left on the floor. If they had been able to work together, perhaps they might not have lost both houses.

The Republicans have the elephant as their mascot. The elephant is a large and intelligent animal. They are emotional and cannot survive well without their herd. At one time this might have fit the Republican Party, like back in 1965 when they overwhelmingly supported the Civil Rights Act.

Recently Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circuses announced that they would be retiring their elephants to Florida.  It made me wonder if it is time for the Republican Party to retire the elephant as mascot. The party has changed so much over the last 35 years that it no longer resembles the personality of an elephant.

So which animal would best represent the current Republican Party? It must be an animal that encompasses the traits of the party. Cruelness, individualism, hoarders of money, life and power. What animal would fit that description? The closest that I could come up with was the Leech – a segmented worm that sucks your blood until it is sated. That is my idea of republicans’ new mascot. A recovering republican friend of mine suggested that the democrat’s new mascot should be the Sloth because they are slow moving. We thought of the turtle for the democrats also, but Senator McConnell has cornered the market there. We also wondered about the Libertarians and their mascot could be the Skunk, because something doesn’t smell right.

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