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Life is a Rainbow, What Color are You?

By Julie Dieterle

I was noticing how many of our common phrases reflect color. She’s in a black mood. I’m just blue today. I was so mad, I saw red. She’s in the pink. He’s seeing through rose colored glasses. He’s green with envy. He’s shining. She’s glowing. It happened “out of the blue”. As aura photography becomes more available, we are seeing that we emanate colors around us, creating an environment reflecting what is being created around our bodies, what feelings we are putting out. I did a test where I went into a calm space and had my photo taken, then a second one where I was focusing on the busy crowds in the area and listening. They were very different. As you can imagine, the colors during my calm were softer, more to the blue spectrum, while the colors in the immediate environment were more prime and toward the warm spectrum of oranges, reds and yellows.

This gave me a thought that I have the power to put out what energy I would like others to receive. Whether we know it or not, they are feeling it, even if they cannot see it. What I put out will show my ability to be open or protected, sharing or guarded, loving or fearful. It also made me realize how important it is to be around people who support me when I need support and relaxation and contemplation. To hold steady when someone challenges me—to stay in that open (natures green, heart space) being willing and ready to listen. I notice when I am comfortable with groups and when I am not, and then think about why this might be so. Are those that challenge me poking a stick at my beliefs and values? What is being brought to LIGHT? Is it time to look at those beliefs and values to see if they are still working for me? Can I still listen to the challenging words and review later when I am in a safe place and perhaps with others who will reflect back to me?  OR Do I feel safe enough to listen and let them know I hear what they are saying, and then offer another opinion? I offer it (with true blue) (with sunshine yellow) without expecting them to change their mind and try to do it in a way to be received without feeling threatened. This allows me to stay in integrity and still hold kindness.

My friend Sharon Lewis wrote a song that has touched me, I would like to share.

I could paint the story

Of rivers, hills, and sky

But I would rather paint the love

Hidden in your eyes.

Often I have wondered

How deeply can you see?

Through all my painted stories

Can you still find me?

Through all my flowing colors

Can you still see me?


All my colors run

They paint the sun

And then they slip away

All my forms will change, will re-arrange

But through them I will stay.

I would paint your story

I’d reflect for you

If only through your stormy colors

I could still find you.

Often I have wondered

Why do we need to hide?

When all we have to paint with

Is the love we have inside.

With all that we could color

Is the love we have inside.

All our colors run

They paint the sun

And then they slip away.

All our forms will change, will re-arrange

But through them we will stay.

Wouldn’t it be magic

If all of us were clear?

We could paint an endless portrait’

Of all the love that’s here.

We could form a tower

As brilliant as the sun.

And from it all our colors could shine

and dance and run

And from it all our colors could shine

and dance and run

All our colors run

We paint the sun

And then we slip away.

All life forms will change, will re-arrange

But through them we will stay.

And through them we will stay.

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