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The Cosmic View for 2015

By Doris Deits

At the beginning of each New Year people are wanting to know what new, wonderful and interesting things are headed their way in the upcoming year. These forecasts are typically seen through the eyes of astrology and numerology which offer a more structured analysis than we find in metaphysics.

In metaphysics the outlook for a particular year is always connected to a larger cycle and the quality of specific energies that are being released throughout the year. Basically this means that things seem to move ever so slooowly. Big energy changes need much time to integrate into physical forms.

During the last hundred years or so, the Milky Way has been traveling through an overlapping of Piscean and Aquarian energy systems. Think of it as a giant energetic asteroid belt where we are pelted with chunks of outgoing energy (Piscean) and chunks of incoming energy (Aquarian). Fun stuff.

As we are pummeled to and fro, we are forced to cough up the old stuff and start getting used to the new stuff. Is it any wonder we can feel beat up, confused, angry and destabilized? Just because we can’t literally see this energy doesn’t mean we don’t feel it. Like static electricity, it can shock the hell out of you and it kind of hurts. But there’s a payoff for all our bumps and bruises!

At the full moon in May, we will officially have a new sheriff in town (energetically). The good news is that Aquarius is the party section of the universe! The ruling Aquarian sheriff is happy, gregarious, free flowing, social and group oriented. The last time our galaxy passed through this quadrant of the universe was 26,000 years ago. It’s expected to be a very exciting time.

Now many of us are saying to ourselves, ‘if the sheriff of FUN town is here, why am I so darn tired all the time?!’

One of the reasons for our lack of physical vitality is the necessary rewiring of our energy systems. We all needed an upgraded circuit board and are in the process of working out the ‘bugs’. Plus, the new energy is pushing out the old wiring system. It can be uncomfortable.

Throughout the year, it is expected that people will experience an increase in energy at times. One day you may feel really good and have lots of energy, and the next day you may feel like you can barely drag yourself out of bed in the morning.

This oscillating is normal and expected. So enjoy that energy when it comes and take care of your body when it goes.

This change, these alterations, are taking place across the entire planet and is expected to be completed later this year. This building process will be quickly followed by an infusion of Light (energy) into the new circuitry. Probably around November.

Until that new energy is released, we will still be under a lot of pressure during our rewiring process.

Some words of advice for the coming year are: Do not fight what is happening (your process); Don’t try to control or force anything; Don’t try to save anything; Let stuff go; Everything is going to be fine. Take away the significance of things having to be ‘right’ and let things be okay just the way they are.

It’s important to remember that the biggest changes will occur within our thought life, not our physical environment.

It is our judgments, beliefs, behaviors, and cherished ideals of what’s right and wrong that are being affected. Changes in how we see life, changes in our perceptions and changes in our feelings towards our environment are the indicators of this new energy as it comes online.

So as we ease into this new year of 2015, keep your eyes open for those pockets of good energy and feel the fun!

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