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Chakra Balancing©

By Arline Rowden

In the last several years, a lot of people have contacted me saying they would like to have their chakras balanced. It seems to be what is trending recently. So I explain that they could have a Reiki or Acupressure/Reiki (energy) session. With Soul Lightening Acupressure there is a specific formula that is used at the end of every session that balances and aligns the chakras. Reiki sessions will balance the chakras, too. Also, meditation can be very helpful in balancing one’s chakras.

But I go on to explain that just having someone balance their chakras won’t give them long lasting benefits. It will last for a while which is great since it gives the person an experience of feeling in balance. But if the person has unresolved issues or wounds or faulty beliefs in a chakra that have created an out of balance condition they won’t stay in balance by just having an energy session. It’s more complicated than that.

Often the reason the person is asking for chakra balancing is that they have gone for a psychic or intuitive reading and the reader told them that their chakras were out of balance and they should have them balanced. Or they have read about it on the internet or Face Book, etc. An interesting piece of information that many have not encountered is that the chakras are changing moment to moment based on how they are interacting with the energy in the environment. So any reading would just be a snapshot at that time and may or may not be representative of the chakra over time.

An energy session is very helpful on many levels but I like to share information with others so they can make the best choices for themselves. I prefer to empower others in life; I don’t want others to become dependent on other people. So studying about the chakras can be very useful.

There are a lot of books available and classes, too. The chakras are at the core of our being and each chakra is in charge of a specific area of one’s life. There are lessons that we are learning based on each chakra’s focus. So our life experience will reflect where we are in learning these lessons. There are balanced characteristics for each chakra. If you evaluate your life based on the balanced characteristics for that chakra, you will discover if that chakra is out of balance.

Once someone knows which chakras are out of balance, and their related issues, they can begin to take action steps to resolve those issues. That may sound simple but we often have resistance to change. Often it’s helpful to take chakra classes in a group to receive the benefit of group energy and support. Or you might want to have energy and/or process sessions with a practitioner. In some circumstances, individual sessions would be best.

If you want to read a very good basic chakra book, I’d recommend “The Sevenfold Journey” by Anodea Judith & Selene Vega. It’s a classic. It also has yoga & tai chi type movements that can be helpful to your chakras. There are many other great chakra books but Anodea Judith is my favorite chakra author. But trust your intuition when choosing the best book(s) for you.

Enjoy your journey on your Rainbow Bridge (chakras).

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