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In Memory of Joel

By Dale Lucht

Joel who was a long time contributor to Conscious Community Newsletter passed away May 12. He began writing for us with a rebuttal to an article. I didn’t meet him until he came to one of the classes at Earthsong. Joel evidently enjoyed it because he kept coming back. His questions were always insightful, and his thoughts wise.

When we had taken a class on numerology and mantras, he took to it as if he had always known the information. It opened up a new sideline for him and he wrote a computer program for it and even taught a class on mantras.

I especially value the time we spent after class when we would go out to eat. That is when I found out more of his former life, rescuing dogs and cats that nobody wanted and taking care of them till they passed. Joel was always available to help. He would emcee events for us, tote equipment, drive on trips, and always with a smile and a quick laugh.

Joel was a vegetarian, and when it was pointed out to him that the French Onion soup that he loved was made with beef broth, he switched to Tomato Basil. He did everything right, lived simply, never smoked, didn’t drink, meditated, took care of pets and friends. So when he got sick earlier this year we all just assumed that it was what was going around. When it persisted, we thought he might have pneumonia and he had better go in to have it checked.

After working one Tuesday morning, he finally went to Urgent Care. He was then sent for further tests and it was determined that he had lung cancer. He also had tumors on his spine and hip. The Earthsong community rallied around him but it had gone too far. Thirty – five days after the initial diagnosis he passed away at the Agrace Hospice facility in Fitchburg. Joel filled a void that we did not know we had, and now he has left a void that we all feel.

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